Brawlhalla Esports going even stronger in Year Six

In the never-ending rise of esports titles, popular game Brawlhalla has been a strong contender since the very beginning. With a large worldwide fanbase and plenty of dedicated players, it’s no surprise that 2021 is shaping up to be a pretty good year as well.

Blue Mammoth Games, the developers of Brawlhalla have just released the 2021 event map and esports line-up – and it’s pretty impressive. The fact that the game’s prize pool is a million dollars is definitely a strong point of appeal, but so is the comprehensive tournament schedule laid out for the season and the extremely well done cross-play function tying mobile, console and PC.

There are seasonal championships, the Brawlhalla Pro Series, the Brawlhalla World Championship 2021, and of course plenty of local competitions as well. Every major esports region is on the map as far as the 2021 esports line-up for Brawlhalla goes. The season features open signups, meaning that anyone with a Brawlhalla and enough moxie to try has a shot at winning big. It doesn’t even matter what platform you like to play on – in 2021, all platforms the game is available on are cross-play enabled.

The start of a new (and better?) year

The first tournament in the new 2021 season will be the Winter Championship which will launch this month – on February 27th. Players will have one major Brawlhalla event running every month. In other words, whether you prefer to watch or to participate, you can easily find your spot in the Brawlhalla esports ecosystem.

The Spring Championship is happening in April and lasting through May, then, in June you’ll have the Pro Series, in July the Summer Championship, and in September/October the Autumn Championship – and of course in November, players can look forward to the Brawlhalla World Championships 2021.

As for the Pro Series happening in June, we will see six different North American teams competing for a prize pool of $50.000. The developer also announced that they are tweaking several aspects of the fan experience. This includes making improvements to what both competitors and spectators can see during the games, as well as aspects of the stream viewing experience.

Finally, fans even started teasing that Blue Mammoth Games decided to just give Sandstorm 1$ million and made a trailer for it. The 2020 World Championship winner seemed stoke about the new announcement himself, and called on his Smash colleagues to join in on this season’s competition.

Further details are not yet known – however, has been selected to make the whole tournament experience better for players – from signing up to actually competing. The release trailer also teased some viewership rewards.

In general, there are plenty of efforts being made to improve the already pretty popular Brawlhalla esport – look for yourself. Stay tuned for more details about what goodies you may be able to snatch in the upcoming 2021 Brawlhalla season.

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