BTS Pro Series 9 SEA and Americas Predictions and Betting Analysis

It’s the post-TI period where we don’t expect anything too exciting, at least until the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 (DPC 2022) begins. Regardless, we can always appreciate the good folks over at Beyond the Summit for keeping us eager Dota 2 fans occupied.

After all, it’s new beginnings for many teams as we head into the DPC 2022 season this fall.


BTS Pro Series 9 Teams & Favorites

The BTS Pro Series needs no introduction, having successfully hosting their ninth tournament. Expect the typical group stage, with single round-robin best-of-three matches, and playoffs consist of double-elimination best-of-three matches, except for the finals. The BTS Pro Series 9 has two regional iterations, namely the Americas and Southeast Asia.

The Americas has notable participants, such as Thunder Predator, 4 Zoomers, Infamous, Black N Yellow, Hokori, simply TOOBASED, Arkosh Gaming, D2 Hustlers, and xXxXx.

Meanwhile, SEA also has its fair share of decent teams, Nigma Galaxy SEA, Execration, BOOM Esports, Army Geniuses, Motivate.Trust Gaming, Polaris Gaming, Omega Esports, Yangon Galacticos, and OB Esports.

NA + SA Dota 2 is back on the MENU as well!

— BTS Dota (@BTSdota) October 27, 2021

Some names instantly stick out as clear favorites for the tournament. Over in the Americas, TI10 floppers Thunder Predator and 4 Zoomers are likely making it far. In Southeast Asia, BOOM Esports are the main favorites considering no big hitters like Fnatic, T1 or Team SMG are present.

Our predictions will reflect and favor the dominant teams, as we don’t stray much from the established power rankings.

Polaris vs OB Esports

Polaris are the new heavy hitters in the SEA region, and should be looked at carefully for the upcoming season. The Filipino squad is sporting a 70%+ win ratio as of late and are looking very good by all measuring standards. On the other hand, OB has only been experiencing downhill performance since the Singapore Major and has undergone major roster changes too.

When it comes to this specific duel, Polaris has won only once and drawn two times in the past two weeks alone. It doesn’t come as a surprise when the Dota 2 odds favor a draw as both teams are keep repeating the same result. However, I am fairly confident Polaris has this series down x2.61 and in dominating fashion.

Something about OBE, just doesn’t seem right at this event.

BOOM Esports vs Army Geniuses

Another highly-anticipated match is BOOM vs AG. For starters, BOOM recently had a roster change but had decent success since the new line-up debut. BOOM’s decision to opt for a Filipino squad over their historically Indonesian-only team has paid off well. Army Geniuses, aren’t too shabby themselves, yet their newest additions in Azur4 and Varizh are yet to find their footing.

The odds favor BOOM, being the most recent winners of BTS Pro Series themselves, a testament of the new roster’s strength. Sitting at x1.38 odds, while MTG has x9.89. Perhaps consider spicing up your betting slip with a high-risk wager on a draw this time.

It will net you a solid x3.44 in returns, and is a solid selection for a singles bet.

Thunder Predator vs D2 Hustlers

Now, this may look like a one-sided match in favor of Thunder Predator. After all, the Peruvian squad made it into TI10, albeit only to be eliminated in the group stage. Anyways, TP features a revamped roster, specifically they bought over NoPing e-sports’ roster after TI10. NoPing Esports had a commendable run during WePlay AniMajor, ending their run at ninth place. So, TP could potentially be a strong rival in South American scene. Up against D2 Hustlers, which has been historically growing, the odds aren’t overwhelming in favor of TP.

I have a sense we are looking at another draw here. The gist of it is that this will give us the first glimpse of how South American teams has sharpened since their TI10 blunder. Odds-wise, TP has x1.3 returns versus G2H at x9.94. My predicted draw comes in at a sweet, 4.05x in returns.

4 Zoomers vs simply TOOBASED

Playing against 4 Zoomers will certainly give us an overview of how the North American scene is shaping up. sT and 4Z are both amid a potential roster re-shuffle, and this event is just a test of strength. The Zoomers lost three core members prior to TI10, and even founding member, Nico “Gunnar” Lopez hinted that he is looking for team earlier last month.

With 4 Zoomers’ current instability, they aren’t exactly the best fit to rival sT. The odds are reflecting 4Z as the heavy favorites, but going against the grain here might be wiser. sT winning will net you 10.86x in return.

These are matches at the BTS Pro Series 9 AM/SEA that an eager Dota 2 fan do not want to miss. But there are other matches worthy of your bet slips too. We highly recommend our reliable Dota 2 betting guide to get your rolling.