BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA Group Stage Matches and Predictions

The BTS Pro Series Season 12 Southeast Asia is back with its twelfth season and offers decent competition before the International 11 (TI11) commences. Over the next 10 days, we have a packed schedule of what is essentially pre-Ti scrims and some interesting practice for new rosters ahead of the roster re-shuffle.

What makes the BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA interesting is that it’s a gathering of formidable TI11 participants, but also diversified by SEA and South American teams. We have BOOM Esports, Fnatic, and most recently, Hokori.

Let’s dig into this week of matches.

BTS Pro Series S12 SEA Participants

BOOM Esports vs TNC Predator

Arguably among the most renowned powerhouses in SEA region, TNC is not a candidate we would rate so badly. They fell off throughout the DPC 2022 season, losing their spot in Division 1 and, as of the latest DPC Tour, is demoted out of Division 2 too. The once hailed team that participated in TI Championships consistently is now merely a husk of its former glory.

On the other hand, BOOM manages to represent SEA for TI11 through DPC points. While they barely qualify as a TI11 direct invite, many fans have their hopes high for the SEA team to perform exceptionally against its off-sea rivals.

TNC’s losing spree and lack of decent results, puts them at x4.09 against BOOM’s x1.20 odds. As such, betting on BOOM in this opening match is an easy pick-up for any betting slip on MyStake. I would go for a 1:1 tie score on a singles slip at x4.40 and hope we hit the jackpot.

Lilgun vs NEON Esports

Lilgun is not a run-in-the-mill team, which anyone wants to disregard. They played well enough to win the DPC Tour 3 Division 2 and will be a staple in next year’s DPC season. They are effective at leveraging fast-paced teamfighting heroes, which makes their line-up an explosive threat even against counters.

Nonetheless, NEON is still the favored option at x1.46 returns as expected from a team of seasoned players. It’s difficult to think of a situation where the odds are against NEON, but after them dropping their first round match versus AG, the Dota 2 odds for Lilgun at x2.58 just became appealing.

You might want to consider, yet another singles for an upset taking place in favor of Lilgun.

Army Geniuses vs Execration

Army Geniuses’ Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky leads the Indonesian squad with his all-star energy and overwhelming middle lane dominance. Hence, it’s evident that having such a well-established mid-player really puts the team in high regard.

What makes this particular bet on MyStake interesting is that Execration has way better odds of winning than Army Geniuses. However, their most recent DPC Tour 3 results should speak otherwise, as AG was not too far off the pace. Hence, betting on a winner here is gamble, and ideally you’d aim for a tie match.

The odds for a 1:1 scoreline are still solid at x1.80.

I am expecting teams such as Team SMG and Hokori to make their match debut during the later weeks. Especially Team SMG, which will be a showcase of what this team could have reached if they didn’t miss their TI11 regional qualifier registration.