BTS Pro Series Season 7 put Ti10 teams to the test and they failed

The BTS Pro Series Season 7 has been one heck of a rollercoaster. The BTS Pro Series Season 7 Southeast Asia has a new champion in Galaxy Racer. The Americas edition also has its own stories to tell. With so much happening, lets dig into what the pre-TI season brought us.

BTS Pro Series S7

Galaxy Racer wins BTS Pro Series S7 SEA

After a clean run through the bracket, Galaxy Racer beat Fnatic twice to claim their first trophy this season. Our initial expectations did not even put GXR at the top of the lot in an upset scenario, as their group stage play seemed like a fluke. Boy were we proven wrong, as the Indonesian squad pounded away at T1 and Fnatic to reach the final.

The Grand Final itself was a close call, with Fnatic giving it all they got in the first two games and seeming like the better team. Nobody expected a full reverse-sweep, but Galaxy Racer delivered just that. Dragon Knight and Winter Wyvern were the defining picks of the series that brought GXR the trophy.

Huge question marks are aimed at Fnatic and T1 who are the hope of SEA at The International for dropping their series so easily. If this is the form both squads manage to keep until the event, consider betting against them to actually turn a profit.

Polar opposites in Beastcoast & Undying

Over at the Americas version of BTS PRO Series, we are two matches away from Playoffs and the resolution of the bracket. Thus far, Undying has been right on form without a single defeat to their name. This is what is expected from a Ti10 participant after all.

Breaking all expectations however, is Beastcoast coming into the event without a single win. Out of the 7 matches they played, they managed to draw five and lose two, putting them at the bottom of the standings next to Team Team. Granted everyone goes to Playoffs at this event so this might be just a warm-up, but no win in 7 matches seems excessive. For a team that qualified to The International via DPC points, this seems worrisome.

Two final matches today will determine the final seeding into Playoffs.

NoPing is meeting TEAM TEAM in a bid for 2nd place in the standings if they manage to net a win or a draw. In the 2nd match Hokori and Infamous are battling for bracket position, with the winner bracket potentially on the line. If you are looking for a quick Dota 2 bet, going for NoPing and Infamous wins will net you x6.60 in return over at LOOT.BET.

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