CD PROJEKT Reveals Cyberpunk Sequel and FIVE Witcher Games

In a sudden and shocking announcement, CD PROJEKT has revealed the development of a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and a further five games in The Witcher franchise. This news was broken on Twitter directly by the developer, as the firm divulged project titles for each of the seven upcoming games. Outside of the Cyberpunk sequel and plethora of new Witcher adventures, a seventh, unknown game was detailed, titled ‘Hadar’, which is little more than a concept at present.

This comes as remarkable news that many in the gaming industry will absorb in an apprehensive fashion. Unfortunately, owing to the incredibly unstable launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020, a lot of faith was lost in the Polish studio. However, in the last few weeks, ‘CP2077’ has seen a monumental resurgence, as two years after being released, it seems as though the near-future-focused open-world adventure is finally a fantastic title.

CD PROJEKT RED Boasts A Bright Future

cyberpunk orion

Image Credit: CD PROJEKT

At the heart of the announcement on Twitter was the revelation that an all-new Cyberpunk title will be emerging at some point in the near future. At the moment, this is codenamed ‘Orion’, a word taken from Greek mythology and used as a name for a giant and powerful hunter – and a constellation in our night sky. There’s almost nothing known about this title other than the fact that it exists, and it’ll likely be several years before it’s ultimately released – but will it fare better than Cyberpunk 2077?

For fans of The Witcher franchise, CD PROJEKT RED shared incredible news – a further five titles are planned that will blow the series wide open. It all begins with Polaris, which kicks off a brand new ‘AAA RPG trilogy’ that will expand the saga immeasurably. There’s another title codenamed Canis Majoris, which is being penned as a ‘full-fledged Witcher game, separate to the new Witcher saga starting with Polaris’.

This trilogy will reportedly release over a six-year period, and it’ll be the first new group of titles on this list to launch.

Finally, there’s Sirius, another game set in The Witcher universe that is being developed by Molasses Flood, a subsidiary of CD PROJEKT. This will be a hybridised title, boasting both multiplayer and single-player features. There’s plenty of groundwork laid that could support a thriving MMORPG title in The Witcher franchise, but will Sirius fill that gap?

And of course, there’s Hadar, which we’ve already mentioned. At the tail end of the announcement, CD PROJEKT RED revealed that this project is in the earliest stages of development, and at present, is little more than an idea.

Here’s a breakdown of what these project names actually mean (we’ve already covered Orion):

  • Polaris – ‘polestar’ or the North Star, which ‘holds nearly still while the entire northern sky moves around it’.
  • Canis Majoris – ‘greater dog’ in Latin, is also the largest known star in the universe.
  • Sirus – otherwise known as the ‘dog star’, this is the brightest star in our night sky.
  • Hadar – a star visible from the Southern Hemisphere, located in the Centaurus constellation.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 Good Now?

cyberpunk edgerunners

Cyberpunk Edgerunners has been a huge success for CD PROJEKT (Image Credit: Netflix)

Fortunately, this grand reveal comes amidst ongoing good press circulating around the Cyberpunk franchise. At the moment, Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing a bout of positivity, with more than 1 million players per day logging on to enjoy the game on PC platforms. This comes almost two years after the game launched in a sorry state, and it follows a lengthy period of ongoing development by CD PROJEKT RED to make CP2077 a truly wonderful adventure.

Cyberpunk 2077 has seen a remarkable resurgence in terms of players and its overall social presence. It has seen an uptick on stream and content creation platforms, and there’s a tangible uptick in sales (passing 20 million in total) and positive reviews. It has taken almost twenty-four months, but Cyberpunk 2077 finally is a great game to play.

Now, let’s sit back and await the future of CD PROJEKT RED.