Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals Breakdown & Favorites

Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile esports titles in the world – and this December, the biggest competition of the year is taking place. On December 4th and 5th, the Clash Royale League World Finals are coming to Shanghai, China.

The Baoshan Sports Centre is where eight teams from around the world will be competing for their part of the $380.000 prize pool. Actually, only two teams from China will be competing live and in person, while the other six teams will be participating remotely from around the world .

Additionally, there won’t be a live audience at the Baoshan Sports Centre.

Clash Royale League World Finals 2020

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Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals Teams and Format

The two Chinese teams that will be taking part are Nova Esports and W.EDGM. The rest start with, PONOS and FAV Gaming, the CRL East region winners, and the remaining 4 teams from the CRL West region Team Queso, SK Gaming, Tribe Gaming and paiN Gaming.

All eight teams will play a single-elimination bracket in a best of five series.

The sets are already determined – the first will be 2v2, the second King of the Hill, and the remaining three 1v1. Any player can take part in any of the sets – and they’re allowed to compete in all three modes if their team wants them to. A player can also play two of the 1v1 sets, as long as they aren’t back to back.

Teams are also allowed to ban a card in the 2v2 set, but not in the others.

CRL 2020 World Finals Favorites

The weekend on 5-6th of December will have all matches play out from Round 1 to Finals. The opening matches are as follows:

Team Queso vs FAV Gaming
PONOS vs Tribe Gaming,
Nova Esports vs paiN Gaming
W.EDGM vs SK Gaming

Based on the match draw, Nova Esports and Team Queso should have the easiest path to the finals.

Ruben “RUBÉN” Garcia Gonzalez is likely leading Team Queso through an easy opener against FAV Gaming. From there they will likely meet PONOS in round two for their shot at the Finals. Essentially, Queso has to re-peat what Nova Esports did in the CRL East Playoffs.

On the other side of the bracket, Nova Esports is likely meeting SK-Gaming in round 2, after they both beat their opening matches. Nova’s Chenghui “Lciop” Huang will decide if SK has a chance at re-peating their regional finals versus Queso.

CRL World Finals Fantasy is back

If you want to, you can get in on the action by creating your Fantasy Royale team until December 4th – you can already select up to four players from any team in the Fantasy Royale function in the game itself. If two of them get a crown in the World Finals, that means you will also earn a crown, just for having picked them!

The top scorers will also receive up to 100.000 in-game gold – and all participating players get a free emote just for taking part in the Fantasy Royale segment.

You can head over to the official fantasy FAQ for more information. Follow the opening matches on the official Clash Royale Esports Youtube channel.

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