Cloud9 Streamer IWillDominate Leaves the Organisation

One of the most famous League of Legends streamers of all time, IWillDominate has left Cloud9 after two years of togetherness. The ex-pro player joined the team as a content creator but after the news, it is expected that he will continue his journey on his own.

On December 2022, Cloud9 ended the partnership between the two parties by saying in a tweet that:

“What an amazing two years it has been. Thank you for always keeping us entertained, from your co-streams to your spicy takes. Best of luck with your next adventure, @IWDominate.”

Cloud9 is not only an esports organization but also a powerhouse for content creation with one of the strongest outreaches in the ecosystem. It reaches millions of people through the official social media accounts but apart from that, its streamer and content creator roster reaches millions and millions more. Cloud9 holds a wide content creator roster including names like Sneaky, EmZ, Ghost, and Vienna. The organization also has different rosters in different game titles alongside its content creation roster.


@ IWillDominate

IWillDominate’s Response

“Will put out a video detailing why this had to happen in a week or so, just know I parted on good terms with C9 and they were good to me the entire time. If the landscape of streaming changes in the future then I could be back with C9 in the future!” said IWillDominate on Twitter.

As he said “If the landscape of streaming changes in the future then I could be back with C9 in the future!” it made fans want to hear more about it and wait for the upcoming video. Dom is considered one of the strongest voices in the western League of Legends community and also in the LoL esports world. The veteran jungler has been very active on social media after announcing his retirement years ago, as part of his job.

Esports Career

IWillDominate’s esports career began back in 2010 and continued until 2016. During this time, he played for compLexity Gaming, Dignitas, Team Curse, and Team Liquid, as well as the academy teams of Liquid and Curse. During his career, he played with and against some of the best LoL players in North America in his era.

He played with the World Champion Piglet, and also with the famous Na players imaqtpie, and Pobelter. After retiring in 2016, IWill Dominate remained with Team Liquid and became a content creator under the brand, spending four years there before signing with Cloud9 in 2020. After two years of working together, IWillDominate has left Cloud9 today and now he is going to continue on his own until a further announcement is made by him.

Apart from educational content, including some ways to get to higher LoL ranks, IWilDominate was also very active on the esports side. He appeared in many podcasts, videos, etc. to talk about the ongoing situations in the industry, including problems, dramas, and all that. Dom’s future is unclear as he said that he will be making an explanation. However, both parties have mutually agreed to part ways on good terms which is very important as both are valuable for the esports industry for sure.