Competition intensifies at Cs_summit 6 Europe

Given the fact that two groups have finished their matches, we believe that this is a perfect time to provide you with a short recap of everything that happened on Day 1 of cs_summit 6 Europe. On top of that, we will provide our predictions for the upcoming matches so do not miss out.

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Cs_summit 6 Europe Day 1 Recap

Straight from the start, we were in for a surprise. We all expected mousesports to beat GODSENT with ease. However, this did not happen. Despite the game being heavily contested on Dust 2 and Vertigo, the German esports franchise did not have much to offer and eventually, they were defeated with a 2-0 scoreline.

After a mixed showing during the entire BLAST Premier Spring 2020 series, G2 was looking to bounce back from a narrow defeat to Natus Vincere. They had a tough task in front of themselves in the form of fnatic. However, they proved their worth by stomping the Swedish CSGO roster on Nuke and Train.

On top of that, Vitality had it easy against a Bulgarian roster, FATE. French roster proved that there are levels to this game by leaving FATE with 5 rounds over the course of 2 maps.

Cs_summit 6 Predictions

A total of four matches will be played tomorrow. After analyzing our possibilities, this is what we came up with.

ENCE vs Heroic

After beating Astralis and mousesports, we thought that ENCE was back. However, G2 and FaZe proved that both victories were just a fluke. So far, allu is carrying this team hard. Given the fact that Jamppi is also participating in this event, we are expecting big things from him, but he is yet to deliver.

On the other hand, Heroic is a solid team capable of beating ENCE. They won their last two bouts and truth be told, they look good.

Bookies see this match as even money and we agree with them. All in all, we are leaning towards Heroic. Keep in mind that some betting sites will offer you a good edge on this bet with the odds of 2.00.

Pick: Heroic to win

FaZe vs BIG

Probably the most entertaining match tomorrow. FaZe will battle it out against their nemesis, BIG Clan. When it comes to form, we are heavily leaning towards BIG as they have won their last 4 matches without dropping a map(8 straight map victories).

Contrary to that, FaZe did not look that good and it seems like Bymas have not adjusted just yet. After getting mauled by Complexity and Vitality, we are expecting something similar to happen in this match.

Map pool is also heavily favoring BIG in this match. All in all, this should be a comfortable win for XANTARES and co. The best thing about it is that odds are insane for this bet.

Pick: BIG to win

Heretics vs OG

From our perspective, this is the safest match to bet on. OG will battle it out against French roster, Heretics. Despite looking good in their recent bouts, we simply do not believe that Heretics have what it takes against big teams.

OG, however, proved numerous times that they can compete with the best rosters. On top of that, they won their last two bouts and they are coming to this match with mean intentions

All in all, we do not believe that Heretics have the individual skill to compete against OG. Even if they can, no one can match Aleksib and his calling. There are so many ways for OG to win this one quite comfortably.

Pick: OG to win

The big fun at cs_summit 6 EU kicks off Friday once elimination matches are set and RMR points come into play. For the following 8 days European CS:GO will fans will have their eyes peeled on this event. We will attempt to track and predict as many matches as we can for your betting slips.

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