Copenhagen Flames In Freefall, Eye Major Rebuild and Rebrand

The Copenhagen Flames are set to have a bit of an overhaul in the coming days. The Danish side, ranked 11th in the world on the CS:GO circuit, have already announced the departure of their coach Daniel ‘vorborg’ Vorborg and transferred Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi and Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen to Fnatic. Vorborg joined the team earlier in the year in January, nicoodoz has been around since October 2020 and roeJ since May 2021.

The side has already bowed out of two events in recent weeks and will not be participating in any of the CS:GO tournaments till they can field a full roster again.  That’s not all though, the team have also announced that Jakob “jabbi” Nygaard, Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen and Rasmus “Zyphon” Nordfoss are up for sale.


From Major Playoffs to Rebuilding in a Week

Time for Flames 3.0?

Roster changes are quite common in the CS:GO esports circuit and Copenhagen Flames will be hoping that this signals a new era for a team that had a fairly successful period together. They made it as high as 9th in the world rankings and finished in the top eight of the PGL Major Antwerp recently.

The Copenhagen Flames will be hoping that the rebuild goes smoothly as they’re in a much stronger place to make these big changes across the board. Here’s the statement from the team:

“Now another chapter begins. A rebuilding phase which we know very well, but our starting point is very much different and much stronger. Our recent success has attracted partners, brought on more media attention, increased our fan base, and strengthened our economy. Although we know that we are nowhere near our competitors budget-wise still; we have no doubt that we are among the world’s best in terms of creating successful lineups and developing players who can compete at the highest level.”

Everything about this statement is true. CPHF have been grinding the Tier2 circuit and building up talent for the past three years. It’s time the organization and ourselves as analysts, re-brand them as a premier team and not just B-tier competitor. I am fully confident the organization will bounce back by fall.

The current status of Copenhagen Flames’ roster:

ID Name Status
Jabbi Jakob Nygaard Inactive/For sale
HooXi Rasmus Nielsen Inactive/For sale
Zyphon Rasmus Nordfoss Inactive/For sale
nicoodoz Nico Tamid Joined Fnatic
roej Fredrik Jørgensen Joined Fnatic
vorborg (coach) Daniel Vorborg Released

Optimistic sentiments across the board

“Flames 2.0 is no more, and nicoodoz and roeJ move on to fnatic with our immense gratitude and well wishes. We will also be looking to find new homes for HooXi, jabbi and Zyphon. All of these players have proven that they belong at the top tier of Counter-Strike, and we will do everything in our power to make sure they are treated as such wherever they go.”

This sort of shake up has been on the cards for some time and it looks like it’s finally taking place now. In the past, a deal with Complexity Gaming was very close to being finalized but never went through. The reason cited for the shake-up has been a lack of resources to keep up at this very high level. This was confirmed by now ex-coach, Vorborg, who made this statement:

“I feel the need to challenge myself at that level.”

Steffan Thomsen, CEO of the Copenhagen Flames also stated:

“Going forward, our aim is to maintain our current level of play and results. Our next lineup will be one full of potential, and although we know the road back to the Major and the elite CS:GO teams will be tough, we have high hopes and plenty of confidence stating that this is our goal. We have plans to work even closer with our partners utilizing their resources in both data and science to accomplish this goal.

The Danish CS:GO contingent is one of the strongest in the circuit and being in and around the top is a commendable effort. Copenhagen Flames fans will be hoping that this new dawn brings more success to the side.