Best CS:GO Gloves In the Game: Our Top 5

If you want to level up your gameplay, you’ll need the best CS:GO gloves in the game. Luckily, the game will provide! It features a vast selection of customization options that allow you to personalize your gaming experience. One of the most sought-after customization options is the ability to purchase and equip glove skins.

Glove skins are a cosmetic item in CS:GO that enable players to change the appearance of their in-game gloves. Although they do not impact gameplay in any way, they are the perfect way to express yourself in game and add a unique touch to your gaming experience. And who knows, knowing you have the perfect skin could help you land those headshots!

CSGO gloves

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Moto Gloves Spearmint – Best gloves CS:GO has to offer

One of the most popular glove skins in CS:GO is the Moto Gloves Spearmint. This skin features a sleek black and green design with a cool motorcycle-inspired aesthetic. Additionally, the gloves have carbon fiber knuckles, making them stand out even more. However, you might need to take out a loan because you won’t find them in the list of CS:GO free skins. Battle scarred spearmints are going for over $300!

CS:GO moto gloves

Source: CSGOskins

Sports Gloves Vice – Flashy colors for flashy players

They might be the most expensive gloves on our list (standing at a couple of thousand dollars for field tested quality) but another popular glove skin is the Sport Gloves Vice. This skin boasts a vibrant pink and blue color scheme with a stylish geometric pattern. Moreover, the gloves have a glossy finish, adding to their overall appeal.

CSGO sports gloves

Source: CSGOskins

Driver Gloves Lunar Weave – Cheaper option with top tier style

The Driver Gloves Lunar Weave are a popular choice among CS:GO players who prefer a more understated look. This skin features a simple black and blue design with a subtle lunar weave pattern, perfect for blending with a classic CT uniform. At a median price of less than $70, they’re certainly on the more affordable end of the best CS:GO gloves scale.

CSGO drivers gloves

Source: CSGOskins

Specialist Gloves – Best CS:GO gloves at every price

For those who prefer a more flashy look, the Specialist Gloves may be a perfect choice. The good news is that there is a huge variety of Specialist Gloves so you won’t even have to wait for a glove case CS:GO style. This skin features a bold color gradient that fades between colors. Players on a budget can get Buckshots for $50 but big spenders could claim Crimson Kimonos for a whopping $16,000!

CSGO specialist gloves

Source: CSGOskins

Hand Wraps – Simple but effective

They might not be among the rarest CS:GO skins but the Hand Wraps Giraffe are a popular choice among CS:GO players who prefer a more stylish look – although that might be a little debatable. This skin boasts a bold and bright giraffe skin pattern over fingerless wraps. At around $70, they’re on the more affordable side of things, which only serves to sweeten the deal!

CSGO giraffe wraps

Source: CSGOskins

While there are countless glove skins options to choose from, the five skins mentioned in this article are among the most popular and highly sought-after in the game. Whether you prefer a sleek and understated look or a bold and flashy one, the best CS:GO gloves have got you covered.


What in-game benefit do the best CS:GO gloves bring?

None. CS:GO prides itself on not being a pay-to-win game, so you won’t see any gameplay benefits as a result of owning CS:GO gloves. However, you will definitely look fabulous, and isn’t that what really matters? Fashion certainly comes at a high price in CS:GO. It’s a decision that you as a player will have to make for yourself – can I justify the sort of money it costs to buy gloves in-game? The answer is likely to be different for every player and their own situations.

What are the odds of getting gloves in a CS:GO case opening?

Your odds in every case of receiving some CS:GO gloves are approximately 0.26%, or 1 in around every 400 cases. That’s not to say if you open 400 cases, you’ll definitely get some gloves, either. You probably won’t. The truth is, if there’s a pair of CS:GO gloves catching your eye, don’t open cases to get them. In pretty much every case, it ends up being much cheaper to simply buy the gloves. 

When were CS:GO gloves first released?

Custom CS:GO gloves were first added to the game in November 2016, alongside the aptly-named Glove Case. It was a small initial offering, but it was enough to get players curious about the possibilities of gloves going forward. Over time, Valve has slowly added more and more CS:GO gloves to the game, and much like weapon skins they’ve become an essential part of the game’s customization. Nowadays, we couldn’t imagine CS:GO without them.

Do CS:GO gloves have wear ratings?

Yes. Just like every single weapon skin in the game, CS:GO gloves have their own individual wear ratings, that affect the visual wear on the item. The range is exactly the same too, from Battle-Scarred all the way up to Factory New. Expect to pay exuberant amounts of cash for Factory New gloves, though. If you’re someone that only dabbles in the CS:GO skins market, consider a lower wear rating for your gloves, as your money could be better spent on your weapons. 

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