The Best CS:GO Memes Over the Years

The art of the CS:GO meme has long evolved beyond the days of rage comics. No – CS:GO memes are instead born from moments and players in the pro scene. These are some of the very best CS:GO memes from across the years!

CS:GO meme

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Jame Time

In CS:GO esports matches, you may have seen the phrase “Jame Time” thrown about in Twitch chat. Out of context, you’d be forgiven for wondering what it means but wonder no more.

“Jame Time” comes from Outsiders IGL Jame. You see, Jame loves his AWP. And sometimes, that love makes him save far more than any other pro player, even in completely winnable scenarios. In CS:GO dying is just far too expensive an endeavor for Jame. When it became apparent in the community what Jame’s strategy was, the classic CS:GO meme “Jame Time” was born. Now, whenever any AWP is saved early in a round, the player is officially partaking in “Jame Time”.

Silver Moment

Have you ever been told that you had a “Silver moment”? You might have noticed it after a particularly poor play. A “Silver moment” is a CS:GO meme born from top-level players making uncharacteristic mistakes that could be forgiven at Silver.

Did you miss a defuse because you didn’t have a defuse kit but had plenty of cash? Classic Silver moment. Die to your own molly? Silver moment. But Silver moments aren’t just for any poor play. They’re reserved for those especially bad moments that leave your jaw on the floor. There’s something really beautiful about seeing top-level players running around with the rarest CS:GO skins costing five figures, headshotting a team-mate through a smoke. Silver moments are rare on the pro scene, but when they happen, Twitch chat is brutal.

G2 Choke

It’s funny with the benefit of hindsight to say G2 are a choke team. But prior to late-2022, G2 couldn’t seem to win a CS:GO esports final, losing four in a row. Now, they can’t seem to lose one. This is a bit of a vintage meme, but we’re sure the second G2 slip up it’ll be brought straight out from the archives.

The meme became so widespread that G2 would even release its own line of chokers to mark the issue. Yikes.

Toxic Nicknames

Twitch chat can be toxic. And if you’re a pro throwing on the server, you won’t be given an easy ride. For most players, Twitch chat has toxic nicknames that they’ll use whenever players have a terrible moment.

The nicknames are rarely genuinely mean-spirited, often just teasing the players. Some of the funniest include noSee (oSee), comediaN (cadiaN), Defecto (Perfecto), and NPL (npl). Yes, they’re childish, no, they’re not particularly witty. But sometimes even childish can be enough to raise a smile.

Not-So Toxic Nicknames

Despite its bad side, Twitch chat isn’t all toxic and terrible. As well as the bad moments, Twitch chat will often celebrate the amazing plays with endearing nicknames.

Our favorites in this category include carrygan (karrigan), GIGACHAD (HooXi), VACO (TACO), and godky (broky). It’s great seeing these players subvert the original meaning of the nicknames too. GIGACHAD was originally a toxic nickname for HooXi mocking his tough start at G2. But he’s earned the respect on the server, and now it’s used by fans completely unironically.


How do CS:GO memes start?

CS:GO memes can seem to come out of nowhere, but often they’re the result of years of teasing leading up to the community taking them on and embracing them. For example, Jame Time only became a thing as it became clearer exactly how his teams like to play, with their passive style often resulting in very early saves. Now, the phrase is synonymous with his own personal brand. Sometimes though, something happens in a competitive match and you just know it’s an instant classic. 

Does every CS:GO player get memed?

Pretty much – being memed by a Twitch chat essentially comes with the territory of being a CS:GO professional. Some certainly get it worse than others – those that have had longer to build a reputation within the community are given no mercy, but any player that makes a mistake will receive their share of the memes. Even s1mple, the best player of all time, is trolled when he makes a bad play. If anything, the best players get it worse, because the expectations of them are so much higher.

Do some players and teams embrace the memes?

Absolutely. As we mentioned, “Jame Time” is key to Jame’s personal brand, and the name of his YouTube channel. G2 began selling official chokers as a response to their choking memes, so they’re definitely aware of their reputation in the community. Players have to take it in good stead, or else they’d drive themselves insane at the sheer volume of it all.

Are some CS:GO memes in bad taste?

At times, there’s no doubt that some CS:GO could be construed as bad taste. But if the CS:GO community is anything, it’s fair in its meme distribution. Even if a player has been memed to death during a match, if they make a nice play that comes close to succeeding, you can bet the chat will still be filled with “nice try” messages. The memes are just an essential part of the CS:GO community at this point, and it’s unlikely they’ll be going anywhere any time soon.

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