Team Spirit Chopper: “It’s a privilege to play in front of this audience with the team”

We spoke to Chopper ahead of their semifinals game against either ENCE or Team Falcons at IEM Katowice 2024.

Chopper Team Spirit Interview

Filip Kicurovski: Congratulations on making the top four at IEM Katowice 2024.

Are you happy to be in the playoffs?

Chopper: I’m very happy to be in the playoffs. It doesn’t really matter which stage of playoffs. Like the quarterfinals or a semifinals spot is a bonus. So it’s a privilege to play in front of this audience with the team.

Filip Kicurovski: You have made it the whole way through play-ins and the group stage. And now you’ve made it to playoffs.

Do you prefer playing a longer tournament? Or would you prefer to go straight into the groups?

Chopper: Playing more is better for us because it’s a young team. And the more we play, the more experience we get.

Experience at this stage at this kind of tournament is priceless.

Filip Kicurovski: You’re going to be facing either ENCE or Falcons in the semifinals match.

If you could choose one, who would you want to play against?

Chopper: So both teams would be a good option because obviously, I’m happy for ENCE because they had a huge rebuild. They had a broken team basically. And then they rebuilt and actually achieved a really, really good result. But Falcons, I’m a fan of Falcons too because I’m a fan of what Zonic is doing, which is why it would be cool to play against either of them.

Filip Kicurovski: You’ve been with the team for quite a long time now.

As the IGL, how do you encourage and build relationships with the new players?

Chopper: So we have a clear structure or hierarchy if you will in our team. The main man is the coach and I’m the second man. But basically to build relationships, to build like a good team, everyone needs to uphold to the same vision that Hally and I have.

And regarding interpersonal relationships, there is no like, big secret here. You just need to talk a lot and play a lot and this is how we build trust and stability.

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