CS:GO Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist Sides: Know Your Team

CS:GO is a game of two halves. In-game, you’ll either play as a CS:GO Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist, before swapping after fifteen rounds. But there’s a bit more nuance than that. These are the differences that you need to know between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

CS:GO terrorist

Credit: CS:GO on Steam

CS:GO Terrorist

Your role as a Terrorist is to plant the bomb on one of two sites or eliminate the enemy team.

There are some advantages to being a CS:GO Terrorist. The huge advantage is the AK-47, which in the hands of the best CS:GO players, is a deadly weapon. At $2700, it deals more damage than the M4A1-S on the CT side, for cheaper. One magazine can be all you need to wipe out the entire enemy team with the AK-47. As a Terrorist, your Molotov is also cheaper than the CT equivalent, at $400 vs $600, despite them functionally being the same. On the flip side, you’re immediately at a disadvantage from the pistol round as a Terrorist. Without buying a new sidearm and forgoing armor, Terrorists are stuck with the Glock-18, which is traditionally seen as a worse option than the CT’s USP-S.

For many newer players, being a CS:GO Terrorist can prove to be a tougher role. The nature of the role means entering well-defended bombsites, and that can be difficult for players who don’t know every nook and cranny of each map. Still, in most cases as a Terrorist, you’ll have the advantage of your entire team being with you, as opposed to the CT side, where your team is split between multiple sites.

CSGO terrorist

CS:GO Terrorists. Source: Polygon

CS:GO Counter-Terrorist

As a CS:GO Counter-Terrorist, you must prevent the Terrorists from planting the bomb. If they do, you must then defuse the bomb.

You need to play a certain way to make the best use of the benefits of being a CS:GO Counter-Terrorist. The main positive is access to silenced weapons. The M4A1-S is one of the most accurate weapons in the game and should be the rifle of choice for any CT, while the USP-S can remove unarmored heads in a single shot. It allows you to tuck away silently in tactical positions on the server, which just isn’t possible on T side. You also have access to the MP9, which can shred through armor with its rapid fire rate. It can be purchased for $1250, and pays out a massive $600 per kill, making it perfect for building economy early in games.

Most of the maps in CS:GO are inherently Counter-Terrorist sided. The starkest example is on Nuke, where you might notice an advantage as a CT. This is broadly the case across the game, but great players can overcome this. This is especially noticeable in competitive CS:GO matches on the pro circuit, where the skill ceiling is extremely high. Playing as a CS:GO Counter-Terrorist is a great way to build map knowledge. You’ll always be looking for new hiding spots and will become more aware of where others are placing themselves for the best chance of victory.

CSGO Counter terrorist

CS:GO Counter-terrorists. Source: Medium.com


Which side is easier to play on in CS:GO?

Ultimately, this depends entirely on which map you’re playing on. Some maps favor CTs, while others favor Ts. Arguably the biggest example in the game is Nuke, which is notoriously CT-sided. Ironically, it’s probably the only map that gets more T-sided as the rank of the game goes higher. Newer players to the game might find it easier to play T-side at first. This is because as Terrorists, you’re able to group up on a single bomb site, with five attackers against (usually) a maximum of three defenders. Defending as a CT can be daunting at first because of this. Once you know your angles, it gets much easier. 

What is the main difference between the two sides?

Aside from the actual role itself, the main difference comes in the available weaponry. The AK-47 is the best rifle in the game, and is only available to purchase on T-side. Despite its superior firepower, it’s even cheaper than the CT alternative, the M4A1-S/ M4A4. There’s a reason you see CTs scrambling to pick up an AK-47, even if it means dropping their M4s. Other than that, you also have different starting pistols. Most agree that the USP-S is better than the T-side Glock, giving CTs an advantage during the opening pistol rounds.

How should I play opening rounds on each side?

It depends on your own personal playstyle. As a CS:GO Terrorist, we’d recommend players play the opening rounds fast, not giving the CTs an opportunity to adequately prepare. It can be a shock to the system early-game, and give you a few rounds you otherwise might not have won. As a CT, get used to buying a lot of utility, and dumping it quite early in the game. This can halt any T momentum before it really gets going, giving you the best chance during the opening rounds.

Which side should new players practice more in CS:GO?

Don’t pick one over the other. If you’re going to make it to Global Elite, you need to be great on both sides.

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