CS:GO ELEAGUE $150k Invitational announced

ELEAGUE has just announced an invitational tournament that will see four CS:GO’s teams fight it out for a $150,000 prize pool. The event will take place live at the ELEAGUE Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. More details about the attending teams, the dates, and casting talent are below.

ELEAGUE 2019 Invitational – All you need to know

ELEAGUE has confirmed that the four teams attending the 2019 ELEAGUE Invitational will be FaZe, Cloud9, BIG, and compLexity. The tournament will also see seang@res and moses on the desk, with ddk and James Bardolph covering the matches. Smix will also be on the event to give player interviews.


The event will take place from January 25 until January 27, and tickets will be on sale for the 26th and 27th. It should be mentioned that this event isn’t going to replace ELEAGUES’s Premier events, but it’s just a test format for potential future tournaments.

From an outside perspective, it seems as if ELEAGUE are attempting to bring in big names with big fan bases to try to turn profit off of smaller scale events. If they can pull in enough ticket sales and line up some sponsorships, it shouldn’t be too difficult, which would mean we may see more smaller tournaments like this in the future.

Because only four teams will be taking part in this event, the action will jump straight in with the semifinals. The losing team of each semifinal match will fall into the lower bracket, where both losing teams will have one chance to get back into the tournament. The winning team in the lower bracket will then face the loser of the upper bracket final. Finally, the grand final will see the winner of both the lower bracket and the upper bracket fight it out for the top prize.


We don’t yet know how the $150,000 will be split between the different placements, but we can imagine the majority of it will go to the winner.

What are your thoughts on this new tournament style? Is it exciting to see top teams jump straight into the playoffs, or do you prefer more group stages with more teams attending?


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