CS:GO – FACEIT Major match schedule and viewers guide

Are you interested in tuning in to the FACEIT Major over the next two weeks? If you are, you’ll want to take a read through this schedule and viewers guide to find out when matches are being played out.

We have already made it into the new Legends stage, which means that eight of the initial qualified teams have dropped out and we’re now watching the final 8 qualified teams play against the eight teams that made it into the playoffs in the Boston Major.

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After that, only eight of these 16 teams will move onto the playoffs stage. Here is all you need to know about when the games go live, when the playoffs start, who is playing, and where you can watch the action.

FACEIT Major New Legends Stage Schedule

First we have the new Legends stage, which started on September 12. Games for the New legends stage will continue on through this week until September 16. This is still a group stage with a Swiss system format, so each team will need to win 3 games to proceed to the playoffs. If a team loses three games, they will be eliminated.

There will be 5 rounds of matches, starting with round 1 on September 12. Rounds 1-4 will be best of one, whilst round 5 will be a best of three.

A system called Buchholz will be used to ensure that teams that put up a good fight go up against similar teams for a fairer elimination process.

So far, we have the following teams participating in the New Legends stage:

  • ComPlexity
  • BIG
  • Team Liquid
  • G2
  • Cloud9
  • NaVi
  • MIBR
  • mousesports
  • NiP
  • Astralis
  • TyLoo
  • Vega Squadron
  • HellRaisers
  • Winstrike
  • FaZe
  • Fnatic

The exact schedule for each game hasn’t been set in stone, but games will be happening all day from September 12 to 16.



FACEIT Major New Champions Playoff Stage

After the New Legends group stage ends, there will be a three day break. The action will continue with the New Champions playoff stage on September 20.

There will be eight remaining teams at this point. You can catch the full schedule for the playoffs below.

All times are in BST.

  • Quarter final 1 – September 20 15:15
  • Quarter final 2 – September 20 18:45
  • Quarter final 3 – September 21 16:15
  • Quarter final 4 – September 21 19:45
  • Semi final 1 – September 22 16:15
  • Semi final 2 – September 22 19:45
  • Grand final – September 23 18:10

All playoff matches, including the grand final, will be a best of three. If you’d like to tune in to the matches, you can find them live on the FACEIT Twitch channel.

In between each game, there will be short breaks and analyst talks, so you’ll be able to watch the stream everyday throughout the entire day up to September 23, with the break between September 17 and September 19 being the only time the stream goes offline. Reruns will be played in offline periods.

What are your thoughts on the FACEIT Major so far? Have you been enjoying the matches? Which teams are you rooting for? Let us know your thoughts.

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