Can you play CS2 on Mac? | How does CS2 Play on Mac users?

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While most players will experience CS2 on Windows, many players may want to play CS2 on Mac. Previously, CS:GO supported Mac natively, although it’s not quite so simple on the new game.

We’re going to be answering the question once and for all – can you play competitive CS2 on Mac?

Can you play CS2 on Mac?

CS2 on Mac

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Simply put – no. If you’re on Macbooks or the like, CS2 can’t be played, at least not natively. Upon the release of the new game, Valve confirmed that it would not support CS2 on Apple hardware, as it did with CS:GO. While this is a disappointment to CS2 Mac players, the reason was that it was such a small section of the player base, that it was no longer worth it for Valve.

However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. If you want to play CS2 on the M1 laptops, you’ll need to download a Windows compatibility layer such as CrossOver. This will allow you to run native Windows programs on a Mac. While this doesn’t mean you’ll get the best in-game performance, it’s the only way to play on Mac after the release of the new game. Valve’s stance on this seems pretty set in stone, so we wouldn’t expect CS2 to come to Mac any time soon.


Why isn't CS2 more popular on Mac?

With Mac not being officially supported, the barrier to entry is now higher than before. Downloading a program such as CrossOver and running CS2 through that just isn’t worth it for a lot of people.

Does CS2 run well on Apple Hardware?

That depends on how modern your Mac is. Running a Windows compatibility layer and then CS2 on top of that will cause a lot of strain on your Mac, and CS2 isn’t exactly the best-optimized game in the world at the moment. This means that your milage may vary when it comes to the performance of CS2 on Apple hardware. 

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