IEM Cologne 2023 Underdogs | Cinderella Stories of Cologne

With IEM Cologne 2023 CS:GO matches now well underway, we’re seeing some of the top players delivering under pressure on the server. However, not every team can be considered a favorite to progress. We’re taking a look at the IEM Cologne underdogs, to see who might write their very own Cinderella story during the tournament group stage and beyond.

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IEM Cologne underdogs

Credit: ESLCS on Twitter

Of all the IEM Cologne underdogs for 2023, Monte are the team we’re most impressed with. After losing star rifler BOROS over the summer, many thought that Monte’s days in Tier-1 were to be short-lived. So far, sdy and his team have taken their IEM Cologne 2023 CS:GO matches by storm, only dropping a single map all tournament to FURIA.

It seems as though br0 is a great pickup from Astralis Talent, a hidden gem that seems ready to make the step up in level seamlessly. Those looking to place their bets on an IEM Cologne underdog over at GG.Bet – we like the look of Monte, and feel they could produce some upsets here.


  • sdy
  • br0
  • Woro2k
  • DemQQ
  • kRaSnaL


IEM Cologne underdogs

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © ESL

MOUZ are undoubtedly an interesting prospect to behold at IEM Cologne 2023. With a team in the age range of 16 to 21, they’re by far the youngest roster in the tournament. In tournaments like IEM Cologne 2023, youth is a double-edged sword. Inexperience can show against more experienced opposition, but youth brings an inherent fearlessness that can give them the edge in tight matches.

There’s no guarantee that MOUZ go all the way to IEM Cologne 2023 CS:GO Playoffs, but they’ll want to leave their mark in their first outing as a new roster. Expect MOUZ to be on the hunt for some big-name scalps while they remain competitive in IEM Cologne 2023.


  • frozen
  • siuhy
  • torzsi
  • Jimpphat
  • xertioN


IEM Cologne underdogs

Credit: Helena Kristiansson | © ESL

Fnatic are a fun prospect to watch as IEM Cologne underdogs. Expectations of the team were low prior to the event, but their showings so far have proven they can compete with the big boys on the server. The decision to replace nicoodoz with afro was seen as a sideways step at best, but right now he looks to be a solid pickup.

Fnatic are benefiting most from the decision to swap FASHR with Australian IGL dexter. For a while now, British rifler mezii had found himself handcuffed to the IGL role, nullifying his own personal impact on the server. We’re talking about a world-class rifler here, one with the ability to win matches all by himself.


  • dexter
  • roeJ
  • mezii
  • afro

Now with a dedicated IGL to back him up, mezii can get back to dropping casual 30-bombs at will. If he can show that at IEM Cologne 2023, we’re in for a fun time.

Ninjas In Pyjamas

IEM Cologne underdogs

Credit: IEM on Twitter

The Ninjas in Pyjamas are almost the perfect IEM Cologne underdog. A team with so few expectations prior to the tournament have shown such promise after the Summer break. Fueled massively by the emergence of headtr1ck, NIP look set for a great run toward the latter stages of IEM Cologne 2023. Every single player has contributed more than expected so far, and k0nfig has also seen a return to form that once saw him garner a reputation as one of the best riflers on the planet.

With FaZe Clan first up for NIP, their opener in Group B won’t be easy. We don’t think the Upper Bracket is a viable route for this team, but they would head into the Lower Bracket with high hopes of securing their place in the Playoffs.

Ninjas In Pyjamas

  • k0nfig
  • REZ
  • hampus
  • Brollan
  • headtr1ck

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