StarSeries I-League Season 5 Details And Teams Confirmed

The final team lineup and dates for the upcoming StarSeries I-League Season 5 tournament have been confirmed. Read through this article to find out dates, attending teams, prize pool details, and more.

For those unaware, StarSeries I-League is an ongoing tournament co-hosted by both StarSeries and I-League. We’re now on our fifth season and this time around 5 teams were invited whilst the remaining 11 fought for their spot through regional qualifiers.

Teams Attending StarSeries I-League Season 5

The full 16 team lineup for StarSeries I-League has now been confirmed. Here’s a look at the attending teams:

ileague season 5


  • Liquid
  • SK
  • Mousesports
  • NaVi
  • NIP


  • NRG
  • VG.Flash
  • North
  • Gambit
  • HellRaisers
  • AGO
  • Renegades
  • TyLoo
  • Virtus.Pro

It’s a pretty stacked lineup so we’re excited to see how the tournament will play out. Mousesports, and NaVi are the two invited teams we’ll be keeping an eye on throughout the tournament.

The qualified teams will have more to prove, but it’s good to see Virtus.Pro finally qualifying for an event after their slump in 2017. AGO is also another Polish team that has performed very well in recent months. TyLoo also pulled off some shock wins during IEM Sydney 2018, so it will be interesting to see if they can do the same this time around.

There’s still the chance that the other invited teams, NIP, SK, and Liquid, pull through with some good results too – we’ve seen each of these three teams win events before, even if they haven’t been able to hit their A-game during their most recent performances.

StarSeries I-League Season 5 Dates And Prizes

StarSeries I-League Season 5 will play from May 28 and will continue all the way through to June 3. On May 18, the group stage will start – we’ll see two groups of 8 teams. All matches will be best of three during the group stage and only 8 teams will progress to the next stage. Starting on June 2nd, we’ll have the playoffs – starting with the semi-finals and quarterfinals on June 2nd, and then the grand final on June 3rd. All playoff games, including the grand final, will be best of three.

starseries ileague

A total of $300,000 is up for grabs during StarSeries I-League 2018, so whilst it’s not the biggest prize pool this year, there’s still enough on the line for every team to put in their best.

1st place will get $125,000 whilst the rest of the prize pool will be distributed as shown below.

  • 2nd – $50,000
  • 3-4th – $25,000
  • 5-8th – $10,000
  • 9-11th – $6,000
  • 12-14th – $4,000
  • 15-16th – $2,500

StarSeries I-League Season 5 Predictions

Out of all 16 teams, we think Mousesports has the strongest chance to get into the playoffs and fight their way to the grand final. Besides Mousesports, we’re eying up NaVi and Liquid to be strong contenders.

There are many teams in this tournament that have performed well, but rarely make it to the playoffs, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the group stages.

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