MIBR eliminated from StarSeries i-League Season 7

After a horrible showing in front of their home crowd in Brazil, MIBR definitely wanted to make amends. However, things did not go according to plan, and once again, MIBR is amongst the first ones to pack their bags. MIBR was eliminated after playing only 4 rounds in the StarSeries i-League Season 7. From our perspective, Brazilians have a huge question mark above themselves, and who knows, maybe this is their last event together.

MIBR matches on StarSeries i-League Season 7

MIBR vs Panda

The only victory that MIBR was able to grab in the StarSeries i-League Season 7. Take note that Panda is definitely the worst team in the entire tournament. This is the main reason why MIBR won this match so easily.

On the first map, MIBR was able to leave Panda with 6 rounds to their name. 4 of those rounds came on the CT-side of Mirage, which was MIBR’s map pick. Inferno was not better either. This time around, Panda CSGO roster was only able to put 5 rounds on the board. All in all, as easy as it can be for MIBR. However, this victory propelled them to a 1-0 bracket, where they had to face serious competition.


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Renegades vs MIBR

In Round 2, MIBR was matched against ever so dangerous Renegades. After initial map bans, we all expected Renegades to pick Train. MIBR decided to go for Cache, while Mirage was left as a decider if needed.

MIBR had nothing to show against Renegades, especially on the T-side of Train. After winning 4 rounds on the T-side, we all knew that the first map is finished. However, Brazilians really stepped up on Cache, leaving Renegades with 8 rounds to their name. Once again MIBR had an awful T-side performance. This time around on Mirage. It seems like they are making things harder then they should actually be. With this 16-9 defeat on Mirage, MIBR was demoted to a 1-1 bracket.


After a heavy defeat against Renegades, MIBR was on a losing side of things once again. They were simply stomped by NRG over the course of two maps. They were able to win 5 rounds on Inferno, which was NRG’s map pick. Furthermore, MIBR has only won 7 rounds on their map pick, Mirage. Horrible performance from the Brazilians.


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North vs MIBR

We all though that MIBR is going to pull through after being demoted to a 1-2 bracket. Sadly, MIBR did not show up in this match either. Brazilians where nowhere to be found, especially on their map pick, Overpass. Yet again horrible T-side performance from MIBR. After losing their map pick, MIBR did not have a lot to offer on Inferno. Even though they made it competitive, they did not even come close to winning this best-of-3 series. With this defeat, MIBR was eliminated from StarSeres i-League Season 7.

What is next for MIBR?

It looks like MIBR survived this event as well. However, if they do not get a good result in their next tournaments, I believe that changes will be inevitable. So, BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 is going to be a huge test for this newly formed MIBR roster. I am really wondering if they will be able to get out of this slump.

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