NAVI Unveils New-Look CS:GO Roster For 2023 Season

NAVI has confirmed the huge changes coming to its CS:GO roster for the rest of the 2023 season. Perhaps the biggest change is the move to an international roster, which is a surprising move given the organization’s huge Ukrainian ties.

The Departing Trio

CS:GO roster

The trio departing NAVI. Credit: BLASTtv on Twitter

Leaving NAVI with immediate effect are npl, electroNic, and Perfecto. It’s a massive statement from the NAVI CS:GO team, who have been underperforming for a little while now.

Perfecto and electroNic were two of the key pieces of the puzzle throughout NAVI’s domination of 2021, but both have seen a dip in form that has seen the team struggle throughout 2023. In particular, electroNic has struggled to adapt to his new IGL role. Both Perfecto and electroNic now begin a new chapter with Cloud9, where they’ll form a Russian superteam with HObbit, Ax1Le, and sh1ro.

In our CS:GO player predictions for 2023, we saw npl leaving NAVI early as a near-certainty. He simply hasn’t been up to the required standard, and hopefully he can move to rebuild his career from here.

New Additions

CS:GO roster

A new NAVI. Credit: NAVI

Joining NAVI’s CS:GO roster are Aleksib, iM, and jL. Some might see these as surprising moves, but there’s method to the madness.

Aleksib is perhaps the strangest CS:GO roster change on the surface. The IGL failed at G2, before getting a move to NIP. There, he found himself on the bench within months of joining. NAVI would be a huge fall upward. However, Aleksib is known for preferring a structured style of Counter-Strike, very much in line with what NAVI’s coach B1ad3 wants from his players. If it lines up well, it could be a match made in heaven.

Coming to iM, this move makes a lot of sense. He was the rising star of the Paris Major 2023, runner-up for the MVP only to ZywOo. He brings a crazy amount of firepower to this NAVI CS:GO roster, and the team has been smart to secure him early from GamerLegion.

Then there’s jL. Another player that made a name for himself at the final CS:GO Major, jL arrives from Apeks with a big reputation. While he can certainly frag with the best of them inside the server, jL is known for generating amazing team harmony outside, too. This has been a big struggle for NAVI lately. They’re not just signing jL for the vibes, though. He can entry-frag and secondary AWP, too, so he’s got a lot to offer the team.

NAVI are now:

  • s1mple
  • b1t
  • iM
  • jL
  • Aleksib

Rostermania has been madness this around, with some of the busiest CS:GO roster changes of any player break to date. Stay tuned to see what comes next!

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