PGL Copenhagen 2024 | Everything We Know About The First CS2 Major

With the final CS:GO Major now behind us, it’s time to start looking forward. PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 has already been announced, and we wanted to take a look at everything we know about the upcoming event. It’s already confirmed to be the first CS2 Major, ushering in a new era of competitive Counter-Strike.

CS2 Major

Credit: PGLesports on Twitter

Date and Location

PGL has confirmed the dates of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. It begins with the Challengers Stage on March 17th, which runs until March 20th. The Legends Stage will then run from March 21st to March 24th, before taking a few days’ break before the Playoffs. The Playoffs of the first Counter-Strike 2 Major take place from March 28th until March 31st, when we will crown the inaugural champions of the new game.

Counter-Strike 2’s first-ever Major winners will earn their win in the famous Royal Arena. In late-2022, the Royal Arena played host as Heroic defeated FaZe Clan in the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022, and the Danes will be looking to repeat Vitality’s feat of a Major victory on home soil. Denmark has long been considered a hub of Counter-Strike greatness, and we can think of no better place to start with the first CS2 Major.

To recap:

  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Challengers Stage: March 17th – March 20th 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Legends Stage: March 21st – March 24th 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Playoffs: March 28th – March 31st 2024


PGL has already announced that tickets for the first CS2 Major are available right now for purchase. If you’re planning on making the trip to Denmark, you should act fast. No doubt fans will come out in droves to see how CS:GO vs CS2 esports stack up, and tickets surely won’t be available for too long.

If you want to secure your place at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, you can do so here.

Counter-Strike 2

You already know by now that PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 will be played on Counter-Strike 2. It’s a landmark event for the franchise, being the first new release in ten years.

CS2 esports

Credit: Valve

By the time the CS2 Major rolls around in March 2024, the game will likely have been out for several months at that point. This gives Valve plenty of time to implement Counter-Strike 2 updates and ensure the game is in a good state for competitive play. It’s expected that Counter-Strike 2 will be introduced to the pro scene in late 2023, so the players will have had plenty of time to get used to the new mechanics. Hopefully, this means we’ll see plenty of new tricks on display at the first CS2 Major.


Sadly, we don’t yet know who is going to be competing in the first CS2 Major. This will be decided by the worldwide RMR, where the dates are as follows:

  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Europe RMR: February 14th – February 24th 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Asia RMR: February 26th – February 29th 2024
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Americas RMR: March 1st – March 4th 2024
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