Team Falcons CS2 Roster Revealed After Months of Rumors

After months of rumors, the Team Falcons CS2 roster has finally been revealed, with a few surprise faces. The team brings together one of the best cores in Counter-Strike throughout 2023.

Team Falcons CS2 roster rumors

In the months since Falcons brought in former Vitality coach zonic, rumors have swirled about who the Saudi Arabian organization was planning to add to round out its roster. With everyone from the previous Falcons roster minus BOROS benched, the team seemed set to spend big to be competitive.

Team Falcons CS2 roster

Credit: Falcons

Names like NiKo, Twistzz, and m0NESY were touted, although none came to fruition. The will-they-won’t-they of it all was one of the biggest CS2 roster rumors of 2023.

Team Falcons CS2 roster confirmed

Now, the Team Falcons CS2 roster is confirmed. Magisk arrives from Vitality, BOROS remains, and SunPayus, maden, and Snappi all sign from ENCE. In 2023, ENCE has been one of the best CS teams, so signing them should prove a shrewd investment.

The Team Falcons CS2 roster is:

  • Snappi
  • Magisk
  • SunPayus
  • maden
  • zonic (coach)

One of the interesting questions with Falcons is how often we’ll actually see them play. It’s a banger roster on paper, but Falcons don’t hold a partner spot with ESL / BLAST. This means they must qualify for each event in 2024, before partner slots disappear in 2025. As a result, we may only see Falcons play a few Tier 1 events next year. Given the roster’s quality, it’s a shame.

Another curious fact is that because Falcons have three of ENCE’s core from the Paris Major, they gain an RMR spot for the upcoming Copenhagen Major. This had to be considered during the selection of the team.

What do you think of the new Team Falcons CS2 roster? We think it can do serious damage if it can reach big tournaments.

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