Team Overview – DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017

With the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 – arguably one of this year’s most anticipated CS:GO event – fast approaching, we take a quick look at the 16 participating teams. 12 teams were directly chosen by event organisers and invited to the event while the remaining 4 teams come from qualifiers: 2 European qualifiers, 1 North American qualifier and 1 from the join Asia & Oceanic qualifier.

DreamHack Malmo

SK Gaming

SK are currently regarded as the strongest CS:GO team around, having recently been on an amazing win streak. Their accolades so far in 2017 include the ESL One: Cologne, Esports Championship Series Season 3, Intel Extreme Masters XII and cs_summit. They are the tournament favourites.



Recently winning the PGL Major Krakow 2017, it not only provided them with a healthy $500,000, but also a huge confidence boost. Gambit are seen as one of the favourites – if not the second favourites behind SK.


Astralis were directly invited due to their strong performance throughout the year. In 2017, they were the victors of the ELAGUE Major 2017 and the Intel Extreme Masters XI – World Championship. While their performance did slow down a bit, placing 3rd-4th in the PGL Major Krakow 2017, Astralis are still prime contenders.


As expected, FaZe were invited to the event. They fit both the criteria DreamHack organisers look for, strong performance and overwhelming popularity, the two of which FaZe has. FaZe took out the StarLadder I-League StarSeries Season 3 but has most recently been on a losing streak to SK Gaming in the semi-finals and finals of various event.


Fnatic too were invited to the event. It’s no surprise they were asked to join, as they are one of the biggest CS:GO organisation around, and have always regarded DreamHack Master events to be a sure priority.

G2 Esports

Yet another fan favourite has been invited. G2 has performed up to expectations this year, taking out the DreamHack Tours 2017 and the ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals. While they were defeated 0-2 by Faze in June, thus placing 5th-6th, they will undoubtedly be a strong contender to take out the Malmo masters.


While IMT had a rocky start to the year – only attending the more minor event – they had placed second in the PGL Major Krakow 2017 (just behind Gambit) due to their 1-2 loss in the finals. Their performance has been somewhat shaky throughout the past year, and as such their performances are somewhat unstable.

Natus Vincere

Definitely no surprise NV were invited. Regularly seen one of the top teams, they have maintained their standard this year, and as such we’re expecting a strong performance once again.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NIP are regarded as one of the oldest and best competitive CS:GO organisations in the industry. Their regular high standard of play has been evident throughout the past year, with their win in the Intel Extreme Masters XI – Oakland and DreamHack Valencia 2017.


North are seen as a controversial invite this, due to placing fairly poorly in a handful of minor events. Their only major achievement saw them place runners up at the ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals.

OpTiC Gaming

While Optic were the victors of the ELEAGUE Season 2, their performances have steadily declined throughout 2017. Most recently, they placed 7th-8th in both the ESL Pro League Season 5 – Finals and the Esports Championship Series Season 3 – Finals.

VP have been extremely strong this year, having always placed extremely highly in major international events. Earlier in the year, they placed 3rd in the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and recently, first at DreamHack Masters – Las Vegas 2017.


Envy qualified through one of two EU qualifiers. We’re very surprised they didn’t not receive an invite, as they were the victors of the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 and DreamHack Atlanta 2017. Pretty dodgy that they weren’t invited.


Second team to qualify from Europe. They haven’t done too badly but aren’t a top tier team either, we can expect them to place around the lower to mid-range.


B.o.o.t-dream[S]cape qualified through the only Asia / Oceanic qualifier position for the DreamHack Malmo Masters. Besides that, their history has only shown them to compete in lower tier events.


Renegades were the only team from the NA qualifier. While their history has shown to stay away from major international events, this could be a turning point for them. Renegades took out the Asia Minor Championship 2017 – Krakow.

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