Axie Infinity joins forces with Cloud9

Axie Infinity is again showing why they are one of the powerhouses for competitive crypto games. They have just announced a partnership with Cloud9 the esports organisation.

Currently Cloud9 have spread themselves nicely within the competitive Web2 gaming space, with teams playing in Apex Legends, Halo, Fortnite, League of Legends, Hearthstone to name a few.

Having this new venture in place is one of the many ways Sky Mavis, the team behind Axie Infinity, are giving this project longevity and a foot in the door for competitive blockchain gaming.


@ Axie Infinity / Cloud9

Pushing Axie Infinity into Esports

This announcement will see Axie Infinity tournaments being held for those that pay for the Cloud9 Stratus membership. This is a paid membership that allows gamers and pros to get involved with tournaments to earn prizes and bragging rights in their respective communities.

Dubbed the “the ultimate Cloud9 fan experience”, fans join the membership and are given a welcome package.

From there the ultimate fan experience is given to subscribers as they have access to a fan store, exclusive content from Cloud9 and the world of esports, a dedicated Discord chat and esports tournaments for a range of games. Axie Infinity will join this list so if you are a keen player of this crypto game, this might be worth signing up to!

Cloud9 is currently one of the biggest esports organisations within North America and even the world. The Stratus esports subscription is one of the first of its kind. Other organisations do non-paid schemes and others have delved into digital tokens distributed to fans.

Their membership was priced at $500 per year originally but was repriced recently to $200 a much more affordable price tag.

Blockchain Esports adoption is on the horizon

Cloud9 and Axie Infinity teaming up is one step in the right direction to bring traditional esports players to the world of web3.

There is already a bridge from web2 to web3 that needs building as many gamers are still put off by the blockchain list.

Axie Infinity has held multiple competitions already where gamers have competed for large cash prizes. The largest being $500, 000.

Stratus have already held a competition for Axie Infinity on the free to play version of the game called Axie Infinity: Origins. This was a great success as a couple hundred viewers tuned in.

Sky Mavis used this opportunity to onboard new players into their ecosystem and so far has proven a great success.

Esports is on the rise for Web3 and we hope there is more to come from organisations such as Cloud9!