The Oculus Killer – New Google / Samsung Hybrid VR Headset

Oculus Rift sales dropped dramatically last year in 2022, and the overall public perception of their parent company Meta, followed. Meta have laid off a large amount of their workforce and have seen drama on the stock market as their price plummeted and then was artificially boosted through a $40 billion stock buyback from the Zuck-meister himself.

Whilst Meta have been in the headlines, Google and Samsung have just done the unthinkable and announced an official collaboration. A collaboration that could honestly wipe out Meta and their Virtual Reality credibility if this new project is pulled off correctly.

With how loud Meta have been about their metaverse research, and how little they seem to have gotten out of it, we can imagine a large number of people are praying for their downfall.


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Samsung’s VR efforts

This past week, Samsung, which is primarily a mobile company, came out of the woodwork and announced they have joined the VR headset race.

This comes at a time where virtual reality, the metaverse and AI are huge buzzwords amongst tech fans online. Samsung have been fairly strategic with their marketing approaches for this new project, keeping it to themselves.

They feel the crypto games space is still undeveloped and rushing the announcements could have potentially been detrimental to the growth and perceived perception.

“Many different companies … have been making these announcements about different realities, so we have also been making similar preparations, no less than any others.” – TM Roh, Samsung Representative

All guns blazing from Samsung

Samsung have gone on to announce further that they are not slacking with this upcoming VR hardware

Their VR headset is set to feature a chip from Qualcomm. They have been a key player in the development of phone networks, 4G & 5G, and other telecommunication related products/services. It will really enhance the VR experience as it is built specifically for the applications run on the hardware.

It does not stop there though as Samsung are also partnering up with Google to include one of their OS chips in the finished product.

Samsung are grounding themselves

The tech giant has got its fingers fairly firm in an array of metaverse related projects already!

Doubleme have felt the wrath of Samsung’s generosity as they were featured in a $25 million Series A fundraising for the fellow Korean metaverse start up. This was all the way back in April of 2022.

Be on the lookout for this new project as it will be groundbreaking.

Samsung has featured in another fund, amassing $36 million. This venture is looking to push metaverse and Web3 adoption to South American audiences.

Places like El Salvador have already initiated the crypto gaming news hype into their economy, but being pushed further across South America will be a great feat for the blockchain list. After all, places like Brazil are developing at vast rates allowing more room for the inclusion of emerging technologies.

Once further updates are announced from Samsung we will be sure to fill you in!

What’s your take so far? Do you feel Samsung could blow up the metaverse with their idea of VR? Or does this sector of tech still have a long way to go before a true breakout project?