Konami NFTs: Castlevania-themed Collection Pushed By Developer

Konami, the famed Japanese video game company, is the latest to take bold steps towards the world of NFTs. As part of a 2022 plan, the company has vowed to ‘explore new developments’ in blockchain technology, but an NFT collection is the toe-in-the-water for the firm. Recently, Konami NFTs were announced, taking the form of a Castlevania-themed collection, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the franchise.

It’s a move that takes advantage of the growing popularity of NFTs, which have seen a particular surge in the Japanese market. It was just a few days ago that Square Enix’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, promised integrations with the metaverse in 2022. Although, fans of both companies have been expressing disappointment at these revelations.

For the most part, gamers are still yet to be fully swayed by impending NFT adoption.

Celebrating Thirty-Five Years

Castlevania is a legendary franchise, older than almost every mainstream franchise today. While it’s more of a niche series, it has enjoyed widespread success over the last three-and-something decades, spanning multiple gaming generations. In Japan especially, the franchise is massively popular, and it’s something of a flagship for Konami. Elsewhere, Konami has produced the likes of Metal Gear, Pro Evolution Soccer, and some Silent Hill games.


Castlevania had humble beginnings, but it’s still popular today. (Image Credit: Gamerview)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise, fans may have expected an entirely new title. Either that, or they were anticipating something of a remaster, or an alternative entertainment medium altogether. Unfortunately, Konami hasn’t delivered on those expectations, and instead, has announced an exclusive ‘Konami Memorial NFT Collection’.

Like Ubisoft’s Quartz NFT platform or S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2’s NFT project, fans are feeling sour about the announcement.

These Konami NFTs take the form of digital art, music tracks, and never-before-seen clips from the Castlevania franchise. Reportedly, they’ll also include secret, unlockable items that only the owner of the NFT can benefit from. Fans of the franchise will be able to bid on these NFTs at four separate auctions held throughout January.

What Does It Mean?

With the successful purchase of one or more of the Konami NFTs, owners will have their names listed on the company’s website. However, one critic explored the terms and conditions of the NFT sale at length, and it wasn’t as clear-cut as it may seem at first.


One example of the Konami NFTs, taken from OpenSea. (Image Credit: Konami)

Firstly, there were many regulations surrounding the displaying of the name, or username, if you will. There were terms that restricted ‘inappropriate use’ of the Konami NFTs, and a statement that claimed that ‘similar’ NFTs may be sold by the company in the future. That last point does detract something from the overall value of these NFTs, as uniqueness is a huge selling point. Finally, Konami stated, quite clearly, that it doesn’t guarantee that the value of its NFTs will increase after the sale.

This could be just the beginning for Konami, which boasts many highly marketable franchises. For instance, in the future, we could see a Metal Gear Solid line of NFTs, or even Pro Evolution Soccer NFT trading cards or stickers. As play-to-earn, the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency industries continue to grow exponentially, you can guarantee that more game developers will hop on board the train.