New Sandbox Builder RobotEra is set to take over the Metaverse

A new NFT game is on the horizon with the presale for its native in-game token already being highly popular amongst crypto gamers.

The game is not yet out, but already it has gained media attention from some highly credible media outlets and has an extremely strong backing so far!

Tokens for this game are available to buy via their official site in the presale. So if you like the sounds of this project you may want to add it to your portfolio for this year!

What is RobotEra?


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To set the scene, RobotEra is a new and upcoming metaverse experience that is themed around all things Sci-Fi and robots.

It follows a similar premise of MineCraft where players are thrown into a world and from there have a lot of control over how the game pans out. You use resources to build environments, in-game items and much more.

Your world is not alone as gamers can build with others in their worlds to create a really fun and exciting blockchain list builder.

The Sandbox may have a competitor on its hands as it has a similar formula and also a similar presentation through block like characters and biomes.

The story behind RobotEra

Like many newer crypto games, RobotEra is far from boring and follows a storyline for gamers to get themselves stuck into.

The game is set on a planet called Taro and is inhabited with human-like robots. Originally the aborigines of Taro had built these robots, but this ended up backfiring for them as the robots turned against them.

After a bloody war, it is your job as a robot to bring the planet Taro back to life. The only thing you need is an imagination and the world is yours for restoration.

Does RobotEra have NFTs?

RobotEra has a bunch of NFTs players can build, use and trade within and outside the game’s ecosystem.

These NFTs come in the form of both Robot characters, Companions and also Land.

NFT characters (Robots) can be bought and will be unique to the given player. If you do not purchase one it is not to worry though as you will randomly be assigned one when you start the game.

Through owning Robot NFTs players are entitled to Land NFTs. These are acquired through NFT airdrops or by purchasing them on through the game. When you have your own Land, the sky’s the limit as you are able to build and mine resources to enhance your gameplay.

Companions are your sidekick in the RobotEra game and can provide new ways to earn and also keep you company when exploring.


@ RobotEra

How to earn in RobotEra

There are a few ways you can earn in this new blockchain gaming experience. They are:

  • Trade NFTs
  • Stake $TARO
  • Participate in events
  • Mining
  • Managing Land

As you can see there is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of earning for crypto games. With the gameplay behind this game and its story driven structure we cannot see it becoming lackluster when compared to other Play-To-Earn games.

DAO Governance in RobetEra

This game is not dictated by the development team of RobotEra. Instead the game is handed over to the gamers!

If you have ideas then let them be heard in the game’s community and you may have a chance of earning more rewards for your efforts.

By staking NFT tokens, you are able to vote for the eco-system’s development and can also become a pivotal figure. Almost like a governing body of the RobotEra metaverse.

Cool stuff if you ask us, let’s hope this works out well as there is a lot of room for good things to happen when power is given to the gamers.

Overall there’s a lot to be excited for with RobotEra. The presale is not slowing down so be sure to act quick and get in on this project early for those tasty gains.

The game will be a great new edition to the blockchain. The roadmap is aiming for the full game’s release to be in Q4 of 2023.

Until then, happy gaming!

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