CryptoFights integrates Fabriik Weave to manage player crypto swaps

Peer-to-peer fighting game CryptoFights by FYX Gaming relies on player logic, strategic abilities and a little bit of luck to win their competitions. The rewards are, naturally, crypto – and the game has seen a pretty huge increase in player numbers and transactions lately. The peak so far has been more than a million transactions in just 24 hours. This success put a strain on existing infrastructure, and forced the game creators to go looking for a new solution for their scaling success.

Cryptofights Fabriik

Fabriik Weave turned out to be just that – it allows users to interact with crypto in all sorts of ways, from crypto/crypto exchanges to quotes, execution and settlements. The Weave API will be built into the CryptoFights platform to make it easier for players to trade in real-time without having to leave the game, go to another website, log in there, complete a process, wait, and then go back to what they were doing. Any cryptogaming site that offers instant and local transactions like this has a big advantage, since it’s something a lot of games still lack.

The minimum trade amount equals $5 which is comparatively low, and to top it off, Fabriik Weave doesn’t require users to create and have yet ANOTHER crypto wallet. The app works with most common online wallets such as MetaMask, making transactions fast and efficient for everyone involved.

Wealth of currency support

A total of 19 different currencies will be supported soon, with fiat transactions coming later in 2022, according to Fabriik. Originally, only seven currencies were supported, so expansion there has already changed the proverbial game.

The general manager of Fabriik Weave, Glen Broomfield said:

“To have a client like FYX Gaming so early in our journey is the best proof of concept we could have hoped for. It validates that Weave is able to handle large volumes of transactions – a service we can offer to any type of organization that requires the ability to exchange digital assets.”

Adam Kling, CEO of CryptoFights (whom we’ve previously interviewed) said about the partnership:

“Now that we have a scalable transaction system the sky is the limit for how much we can expand on our already popular gaming platform.”

The Weave API lets users do a lot of the things most crypto games don’t (yet) do – a simple, fast, local exchange that fits within the game environment without disrupting the play experience. Fabriik Weave isn’t unique to CryptoFights, but they are so far their biggest and most noteworthy client. Fabriik does have other projects as well, all of them crypto-related. Money Button allows users to make payments or tip others using crypto, with a low transaction cost. FabriikX is an upcoming NFT marketplace that promises curated NFT content that combines digital collectibles with real-world experiences. Beyond that, they have also created a set of other tools, such as tokenisation services, trading APIs and more.

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