cs_summit 8 opener matches bring tenfold return in CSGO bets

cs_summit 8 is back with the RMR edition of their CSGO event. This time around, the competition will not be so fierce which can only mean one thing, there are going to be plenty of chances for us to earn money while betting on this event. Without further ado, here are the CS_Summit 8 predictions for the opening matches.

Do note our predictions are aimed at a nice accumulator bet at a select provider. In today’s CSGO odds offer we have Betway.

Peter Jarguz (stanislaw)

IG: peterjarguz

Evil Geniuses vs paiN

We have a clash of tiers for our first match at this event. There is no denying that Evil Geniuses are the clear favorites to win this match, but is that realistic?

Evil Geniuses lost 5 out of their last 6 matches and they lost to some questionable teams such as ex-Winstrike, Dignitas, Endpoint, etc. On the other hand, paiN mostly competed against regional teams like RGB and Bad News Bears. Even though they were quite successful in their recent matches, Evil Geniuses are on a level above these teams.

Given the fact that this is a best of 3 match, we are siding with Evil Geniuses, and here is why. Dust 2 and Overpass are getting permabanned which leaves paiN with either Inferno or Train pick. This goes in EG’s favor, especially once you combine it with their comfortable pick, that being Nuke. Now you got a perfect recipe for Evil Geniuses. The best thing about it is that odds are more than rewarding.

Pick: Evil Geniuses to win
Odds: 1.55

Extra Salt vs EXTREMUM

Sonic and his crew are on fire now. Extra Salt won 4 straight matches without dropping a map. On the other hand, EXTREMUM also looked really good in their recent matches and we are expecting a nail-biting match in this one.

Both teams will get a comfort pick for themselves and that is really important. We can see Extra Salt go for Train or Nuke while EXTREMUM will want to contest things on Vertigo or Inferno. All in all, this is a simple match to predict. Both teams are playing good Counter-Strike and they are confident in their map picks. We are going to see all three maps in this one for sure.

Pick: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90


Another easy match to analyze. FURIA is by far the best CSGO team in Brazil and they have been on the very top for a while now. On the other hand, the former MiBR squad that rebranded to O PLANO, is looking good right now, but they did not face off against this kind of competition in a while.

By removing Dust 2, FURIA is allowing themselves a chance to sweep this match easily since O PLANO does not have a deep map pool. To summarize, this is a great opportunity for FURIA to win this match without dropping a map since they have a much stronger map pool and plenty of experience, on top of being favorites at cs_summit 8.

Pick: FURIA to win 2-0
Odds: 1.95

Liquid vs Bad News Bears

With our last pick for the opening stage of the event, we are left with Liquid and their rivals, Bad News Bears. Currently, Liquid is struggling as they suffered two straight defeats to Dignitas and G2. On the other hand, Bad News Bear looked alright in their recent showings as they won 4 out of the last 5 played.

Map pool is tricky for Liquid. They will for sure ban Train and this will leave Bad News Bears with that Mirage pick where they have 8 victories in 9 matches, while Liquid barely ever plays this map.

Even though Liquid will probably win this match, we believe that Bad News Bears will get a solid chance to win their map pick, that is for sure going to be Mirage. The best thing about it, odds are more than rewarding.

Pick: Bad News Bears to Win at Least 1 Map
Odds: 1.70

In the end, our accumulator bet slip would look as follows.

Evil Geniuses vs paiN EG to win@ 1.55
Extra Salt vs ExtremumMaps total over 2.5@ 1.90
FURIA vs O PlanoFURIA to win 2-0@ 1.95
Liquid vs Bad News BearsBad News Bears to win at least 1 Map@ 1.70

We are looking at a near ten fold return for only four selections.