Insane CSGO winnings this week with 500-fold return on your bets

You can rake in insane winnings this week with this CSGO bet slip. Lot of interesting matches to bet on in the coming days is why we decided to provide you with a betslip that has a chance to net you massive winnings for a reasonable bet.

The CSGO Odds are absolutely massive this week and you can make between 6000-12000$ in a simple eight-fold accumulator or systems bet. Find our picks and analysis breakdown below.

Señor Vac

All of the odds in this selection are courtesy of GG.BET. We selected this provider cause they allow betting slips to feature multiple selections with the same team, when they play different matches. In this case Young Ninjas are featured twice, and we needed a provider that allows this sort of bets.


Once you see that the odds on a team filled with experience and individual skill is matched against Natus Vincere’s second team, you do not have to think much before pulling the trigger on flusha and his squad.

Current odds on GORILLAZ to win this match are insane and this is an opportunity that comes once in a couple of months. Despite losing 4 in a row, we do not believe that NAVI Junior will have anything to offer in this best of 3 series.

Young Ninjas Twice

The academy NiP roster has two matches back to back against K23 and PACT in the ESEA Advanced S37 League. In my opinion both matches will go down in similar fashion with the NiP youngsters taking easy wins against their opponents. This confidence in the pick comes after they beat both DBL Poney and SKADE. They recent mini losing spree is only boosting their odds in two matches that they should win handily.

Santos vs DETONA

Both these teams played a very close match (2:1) only three days ago that went down to Santos. Each map went to 30+ rounds with only nuances deciding the better team. This time around Detona are the favorites as they had more time to prepare for their rival. Santos is coming from a bad beat against Jaguares yesterday and the tilt factor is on their side as well. Detona should win this series in 3 maps.

Mousesports vs G2

Before we start talking about this match, there is one crucial piece of information you should know about his match. In their last two bouts, G2 defeated mousesports 2-0 both times. Even though mousesports is looking really good right now, we believe that G2’s playstyle does not suit them at all.

Once we take a closer look at the map pool, we are even more positive that G2 has what it takes to beat mousesports without dropping a map.

LDLC vs Movistar Riders

A team led by smooya is not meant to succeed and that is a fact. Movistar Riders are in poor form right now as they lost 4 matches in a row. In three of those, they were unable to win a single map.

On the other hand, LDLC is playing on a decent level right now. They won three out of the last 4 played. When it comes to map pool, LDLC is only poor on Mirage since Overpass is their permaban. Regarding the remaining maps, we are heavily favoring the French roster here and they can surely take Movistar Riders down.

FURIA Academy vs Ceará eSports

FURIA Academy is starting their RedZone PRO League Season 2 run against Ceará. For some reason the bookmaker has made FURIA underdogs in a match they are likely to win handily. There is not much to discuss here really, its an outright pick everyone should make.

FURIA Academy vs CearáFURIA Academy to win@ 2.23
Heroic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas
Heroic to win @ 1.35
PACT vs Young NinjasYoung Ninjas to win@ 1.87
Young Ninjas vs K23
Young Ninjas to win@ 2.25
mousesports vs G2G2 to win 2:0@ 3.06
GORILLAZ to win 0:2@ 2.56
Santos vs DETONA
Detona to win 1:2@ 5.52
LDLC vs Movistar RidersLDLC to win@ 2.34
TOTAL ODDS 1281.68

*for a $10 wager, you have a chance to win yourself a total of $12816.78! You can also play a 7/8 Systems bet for 1.3$ per combination and still earn 5822.15$!