CSGO Tier 2 match analysis, betting tips and strategy for April 9-10

Looking for CSGO predictions that are actually analyzed and based on available information? You came to the right place. In this piece, you will find our accumulator for upcoming matches this weekend, so do not miss out on a chance to profit from CSGO betting. We take a trip around three different regional tournaments, scouting three different mashups eligible for profit generation.

Lets kick things off with the betslip before moving onto our analysis of why we made our selections. We also compared the odds between different operators, and selected one that gives good CSGO Odds for all three matches combined.

HAVU vs ex-WinstrikeHAVU to win@ 1.75
D13 vs Lynn VisionD13 to win@ 2.60
Apeks vs NexusApeks to win@ 1.35

D13 vs Lynn Vision

At Funspark ULTI 2021: Asia, we are seeing two up-and-coming teams facing off against each other in the best of 3 format. On paper, Lynn Vision is favored but we do not believe that this should be the case. At best, this match is a coinflip, and here is why. A month ago, these two teams played against each other and D13 won the match 2-0.

Despite this being a relatively close match with all 30 rounds played on both maps, D13 simply showed more as their strategy was on a level above Lynn Vision. However, they did underestimate them after grabbing the lead. Luckily for them, it did not come back to haunt them as they edged the match.

This time around, odds on D13 to win are through the roof and there is a realistic chance that we can capitalize on these odds. It is also important to mention that D13 is on a three-match win strike, just like Lynn Vision which means we are in for a nail-biting match.

Pick: D13 to win
Odds: 2.60

HAVU vs ex-Winstrike

Did you know that ex-Winstrike had a deal that fell through at the last minute? They are now orgless once again and this will take a toll on their mental approach prior to this game. On the other hand, HAVU proved to everyone that they are a competent crew that is here to compete.

It is also important for you to know that these two teams played against each other just two days ago and ex-Winstrike had it easy on Overpass while Nuke was anyone’s game. Eventually, ex-Winstrike won 2-0. This time around, the situation is much different, they do not have much to fight for and their morale is at an all-time low hence why we are going with HAVU pick here.

Pick: HAVU to win
Odds: 1.75

Apeks vs Nexus

Last but not least, the Swedish-based roster will face off against a Romanian powerhouse that is Nexus. In this Legends Series WTA 2021 semi-final, we are seeing a clear favorite. Right now, Nexus lost two in a row and they looked poor while doing so.

Apeks, however, won 4 in a row and they did it with style. They have one dropped one map in their last four best of 3 series and that says a lot about this team and what they are capable of. From CSGO betting point of view, odds on Apeks are not that high but they represent a safe odds booster for our accumulator.

Pick: Apeks to win
Odds: 1.35

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