Valve goes against the grain with CS:GO coaching changes

Major change came with the update for the 2021 RMR Season. The “coaching situation” in CS:GO just got even messier recently. Valve decided to severely limit the role of the coach during competitive matches. This comes after the public scandal over a coach-feature bug exploit, that allowed coaches to have an unfair advantage and share info they shouldn’t have with their team.

Valve’s message was clear – exploiting bugs is not okay, and it is considered a violation of the rules and spirit of the competition. Now, following in the wake of this scandal, ESIC has published sanctions against some 37 offending parties, with bans lasting for up to 3 years, or as little as a few months for minor infractions.

That’s not the end though – in addition to the ban duration and such, the very way coaches interact with players will change too. In order to make sure to draw a firm line under the coach bug scandal, Valve will no longer permit coaches to be an active part of a match – the only people allowed into the room during a match will be the players.

Valve coach update

CSGO Coaching role gets limited

Coaches will not be allowed to be on the server, and they won’t be able to communicate with their team during the match either. This will effectively prevent any and all coach-stream sniping from happening – but it is a pretty radical move.

The newly imposed limits will only allow coaches to interact with the players during half-time, between maps and during limited (4) tactical timeouts. Suffice to say, the change was not too well received.

A lot of fans aren’t pleased – the decision punishes coaches who never did anything wrong, in other words, the majority. While it prevents similar incidents from happening, it makes the coach position as a whole less effective and useful, and it might actively interfere with some team strategies.

Another major point of complaint is the fact that it’s on Valve that this could happen at all – after all, it was the devs that missed that major bug for considerable amount of time. Between summary punishment and failure to work out bugs, fans are less than pleased.

The reward for most sarcastic Tweet about Valve’s latest decision goes to Dev1ce.

There was some positive changes from the latest blog post as well. The 2021 RMR season is getting some love.

RMR Changes

After the 2020 CS:GO Major was cancelled – along with other events, fans were, of course disappointed – and teams were left out to hang a bit. After all, the winnings from official CS:GO tournaments are part of their income, and without tournaments, the teams miss out on quite a lot. Now, Valve is trying to counteract that a little bit – with their new sticker capsules in the 2021 RMR Update.

There are three kinds and you can either buy Legends, Challengers, or Contenders… and 50% of proceeds are directly for the teams whose stickers you can grab from the capsules. Additionally, the 2021 RMR Update also brought with it a new event series. Points are reset, and teams start over with 600, 300 and 100 depending on which of the three categories the tam is in.

The first Major of 2021 will follow the regional rankings, with teams being placed in a region based on their current location. The fall Major will get rankings based on RMR events happening throughout the season.

Roster penalties are also back with 20% RMR penalty per-player for changing up the roster. Substitute players can be used, but penalties will be issued regardless.

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