Five matches and hundredfold return on your CSGO bets this week

It is an interesting week for CSGO betting. BLAST Spring is behind us, yet there is plenty of non-premier and charity tournaments to place wagers on still. After taking selections from Gamers Without Borders, ELISA Summer Invitational 2021 and the European Development Championship, we prepared a solid accumulator with the best CSGO odds on the market that you do not want to miss out on. Let’s get straight into it.


Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz

Entropiq vs Young Ninjas

We are kicking things off with an easy pick. Entropiq is a solid roster playing against a shady side of Y.Ninjas. In their last 6 matches, Entropiq won 5 while the Ninjas won two in their last 6 (Not counting ESEA Advanced as a C-tier event).

When we take a closer look at the map pool, we can clearly see why Entropiq will have no problems beating the Young Ninjas. They are better everywhere except Inferno, which is the Ninjas bread n butter. All in all, this is going to likely be a 3 map series going in favor of Entropiq.

Sangal vs DBL Poney

Truth be told, the Ponies are miles ahead of Sangal, but there is one important thing we need to take into account, that being the Ancient pick for Sangal. It is also crucial to mention that DBL Poney dropped two maps in their previous favorable match against SAW.

Even though we believe that DBL PONEY will win this match in the end, we also think that Sangal has a chance on either Ancient or Inferno, and this is why we are going for a bet on Sangal to win at least one map in this match. Another 1:2 in the books.

FaZe Clan vs BIG

Going over into Gamers Without Borders matches, we have two premier teams matching up for charity. While FaZe is on a serious losing streak and playing with Olof as a sub, they have exclusively played against premier level opponents and always stay competitive. BiG on the other hand has won plenty of matches lately, but mostly with sub #30 ranked teams. When it comes to a head to head we can comfortably predict FaZe winning.

FURIA vs Dignitas

Furia are set to debut Lucas “honda” Cano against the Dignitas veterans. For all the firepower on Dignitas, the team has never managed to achieve much in 2021, and we have relatively low expectations for them at this event as well. We are not confident Furia is as dominant as the bookmakers predict, but are still the proper choice in this selection. And x1.53 odds they are just the right odds booster we need.

Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend

Finally, we have the Flames and Fiend meeting for the 3rd time in a month. Fiend is the hard favorite here as they’ve beaten the Flames mere days ago at the Elisa Invitational Summer.The re-match at the EDC is set with similar expectations. Their latest match ended with a 2:1 scoreline in favor of Fiend, and we expect an identical result in this match as well. There is nothing to analyze here as Fiend has been the superior team over the past two months and have beaten CPHF three times in a row. If the Flames get to chose Nuke or Vertigo, they are likely taking the map. This is why we are going for a 2:1 win for Fiend.

In the end, we come up with the following selection.

Entropiq vs Young NinjasEntropiq to win 2:1@ 3.52
Sangal vs DBL PONEYDBL PONEY to win 1:2@ 3.50
FaZe Clan vs BIGFaZe Clan to win@ 1.83
FURIA vs DignitasFURIA to win@ 1.53
Copenhagen Flames vs FiendFiend to win 1:2@ 3.20

We are looking at a potential 1100$+ return for just a 10$ bet over at Bet365.