CS:GO – Match Predictions Thursday/Friday with Loot.Bet

It’s been a while since we provided you with a CSGO betting slip that could win you a lot of money. Given the fact that there are a lot of matches in the coming days, now is the perfect time to aim for the sky, right? Below, you can find our betting slip that could put you in serious money, and of course, our analysis for those picks.

ESEA S38 Premier Predictions /w Loot.bet

HONORIS vs Singularity

In this battle of veterans, we are heavily leaning towards one side, that being Singularity. Out of the last 6 matches played, HONORIS list 5. Contrary to that, in their last 6, Singularity is on a 50% success rate with 3 victories and 3 defeats.

Since this is a best of 1 match, map veto could be hard to predict. If we have to guess where things could end up, it is probably going to be either Nuke or Mirage and this is where Singularity will have a big advantage.

HONORIS vs Singularity – Singularity to win @ 1.92

Finest vs TYLOO

If you have been following the CSGO esports scene, you must have heard about TYLOO. The Chinese squad is looking solid right now as they have won two straight matches. Finest, however, are on an 8 match winning streak and they look very strong right now.

In our opinion, Finest are good, but TYLOO is a level above the competition they have faced so far. On top of that, this is a best of three match and TYLOO has a much deeper map pool. If they can get it to Vertigo, Mirage, or Ancient, they will increase their chances even more. At these odds, we do not want to miss out on this bet.

Finest vs TYLOO – TYLOO to win @ 2.20

forZe vs Anonymo

In their last 6, Anonymo only won one match. forZe, however, won their last two bouts against solid teams, DBL PONEY and K23, and they did it in style, without dropping a map.

Individually, Russians are also on a level above Anonymo and they are going to prove this in this match. Map veto is heavily favoring forZe as well because the only map where Anonymo will have a chance is getting permabanned by forZe, that being Vertigo. Nuke, Mirage, Dust 2, Inferno are maps where forZe will have a massive advantage and anything but a 2-0 victory would be a surprise.

forZe vs Anonymo – forZe to win 2-0 @ 2.40

OFFSET vs Furious

For our last pick, we are going with another underdog pick. OFFSET just recently formed and on paper, they are a better team. However, we always value teamwork and cohesion over individual skill, especially in a best of 3 match.

Vertigo, Nuke, Dust 2 are maps where Furious will definitely keep things competitive, and let’s also not forget the fact that one of the best Argentinian prospects is playing for Furious, meyern.

It is really unclear for us why OFFSET are such big favorites in this match as we really do not know which maps they are going to play and how will they adapt to each other once the pressure gets to them.

OFFSET vs Furious – Furious to win @ 2.35