CSGO Snow Sweet Snow #2 Regional Event Breakdown

Even though everyone is hyped up about IEM Katowice 2021 betting, it would be a shame to miss out on another excellent league for betting. Snow Sweet Snow 2 is filled with talent and from our point of view, there are a lot of excellent bets that can put you in profit.

In this piece, you will find all there is about Snow Sweet Snow 2 betting so do not miss out. We will cover the tournament format and the main picks you should consider in your CSGO betting selection.

Snow Sweet Snow 2 CSGO

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Snow Sweet Snow 2 Format

Given the fact that this is a league we are talking about, there are a lot of matches played every day. The entire event is played in four stages kicking off with the Regional Group Stage where eight groups of 4 teams have been put in place.

All of the matches here are played in the best of 3 format which means favorites have an edge. It is also important to mention the best two teams from each group will advance through to the Regional Swiss Stage.In the Regional Swiss Stage, 16 teams will once again compete in the best of 3 format, where the top 8 rosters will qualify for the Main Swiss Stage.

Eight new invitees are joined with the winners of the Regional Swiss Stage form the Main Swiss Stage group. The 8 best in this stage move onward to the Playoffs. Playoffs are straightforward. The 8 winners from the Main Swiss Stage are joined with 4 brand new invitees to form the final single-elimination bracket. If you lose one match in the playoffs, you are out. Every match, including the Grand Finals, is going to be played in the best of 3 format.

While this format is a tad convoluted it gives plenty of matches to watch regularly all the way till the end. The event itself kicked off on February 15th while the final Snow Sweet Snow 2 match is going to be played on March 10th.

Snow Sweet Snow 2 Betting Expectations – Who Are the Favorites?

Out of 44 teams in total, there have to be big favorites. From our point of view, several teams will have an easy time qualifying for the later stages of the event. We cannot speak for favorites further then the Regional Swiss Stage as we do not have information about the invited teams just yet. We will keep you updated if our favorites change in the later stages of the event.

AGO – since this is a regional event in the first round, we can’t miss out on AGO qualifying. They are matched against Honoris, Illuminar, and StylDunow. Not much more to say about it. AGO is levels above all of these teams and we would be surprised if they even drop a map in the group stage.

ASTRALIS TALENT – even though this is a long shot, we believe that Astralis as an organization has a way of picking up talent that can deliver early on. Just look what they have done with their substitute players. Even though this roster is filled with no-namers, we believe that their tactical gameplay will be levels above Tricked, Lyngby Vikings, and Copenhagen Flames. All in all, Astralis Talent should qualify for the second stage of Snow Sweet Snow 2.

HAVU – this Finnish roster is built around a former ENCE duo who dominated the scene for a while. Even though they are not playing at a high level right now, they are still a force to be reckoned with, especially once you see that teams they are facing are Lilmix, Apeks, and Sj. Not much else to say about HAVU except that they are going to have an easy task qualify for the second stage.

WINSTRIKE – from our point of view, Winstrike is a roster filled with raw firepower and barely any strategy nor tactic. Against the top competition, this will get them in a lot of trouble, but competition in their group is not that strong. They can easily muscle out teams such as GROND, Unique, and Hellraisers.

It would be interesting to see if the IEM Katowice Play-In dropouts or even the Main Event losers get invited for the later stages of this league.

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