Departures and New Signings in CS:GO Summer roster shuffle

Every year, during the CS:GO Summer break, organizations are looking for players to make their franchises even better. In order for you to not miss out on the latest departures and new signings, we decided to provide you with a list of latest roster changes in CS:GO.

We will update this list accordingly as more transfers occur during the Summer Roster shuffle. We concocted a dose of information before the transfer season gets fully online.

Departures and New Signings in CS:GO Summer roster shuffle

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The Most Important CS:GO Shuffles so Far

A lot has happened in the last 10 days. In order to paint a picture for you, here is a quick list of the most important transfers and roster changes.

  1. Astralis signs es3tag
  2. mithR joins Renegades
  3. Hobbit leaves Winstrike
  4. Mertz leaves Singularity
  5. c0ntact bench LETN1
  6. Meyern joins 9z
  7. Snappi joins c0ntact
  8. JULI joins CLG RED
  9. saffee signs with paiN

Truth be told, the player break did not even start yet and the amount of roster changes happening is insane. Below, we will break down some of these transfers with our reasoning on how will it affect the team that either acquired or lost a player.

Astralis Signs Es3tag

Truth be told, anyone except gla1ve and xyp9x is considered a downgrade for Astralis. We stand firm by our words when we say that es3tag is simply not on this level. From our perspective, Astralis will continue to drop down in rankings since they have lost arguably the best in-game leader in all of CS:GO.

On top of that, there is no way that es3tag will be able to deliver the same impact as xyp9x did. He lacks both individual skill and game sense for that.

Hobbit Leaves Winstrike

Truth be told, there is no future for a Major trophy winner in a team such as Winstrike. Despite not being the top fragger in this team, Hobbit lost all the will to compete here and he decided to part ways with the organization.

Winstrike is definitely on the losing side of things with this roster change as they will have a hard time acquiring a player with the same skillset and experience. From our perspective, Hobbit will either look to move to North America or search for a solid team in Europe for himself. It is going to be interesting to see who will pick him up.

For the upcoming ESEA Advanced event, coach Dmitrii “hooch” Bogdanov will take Hobbit’s spot.

C0ntact Bench LETN1

Former CR4ZY roster did not show any weakness, especially while nexa and -HuNter played under the CR4ZY banner. However, once these two signed for G2, it was clear that c0ntact will struggle as they lost all of their firepower.

On top of that, players like LETN1 were unable to carry their own weight and roster changes were necessary. This is where Snappi comes into play. After signing Snappi, management decided that this is the right time to bench LETN1.

We believe that LETN1 has good leading characteristics,  but he lacks individual skill and game sense. Since he can’t make up for it while playing, we would like to see him try out as a coach. Since he knows most of the c0ntact players, he would be a great fit.

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