CS:GO Patch adds two new maps and locked Trusted Mode

CS:GO just received a small tweak. Trusted mode is now locked and always on. Two new maps have been added into the Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch game modes. Minor tweaks to throwables were added, as well as a fix to the Danger Zone delivery drone. Overall, Valve wants to show they are doing “something”, while Reddit lambasts them daily for not taking cheaters, changes and game bugs seriously enough.

CS:GO Patch adds two new maps and locks Trusted Mode

Trusted Mode Changes

Trusted Mode was Valve’s latest attempt to curb the cheating problem that CS:GO continues to suffer from. Previously, turning it off reduced a player’s trust factor in match-making. Now they can’t turn it off at all, as it’s the default launch mode.

This could be a problem for some players as previously they reported issues with TM while running some other software as well. In order to make things easier, Valve has also added a new launch command that is supposed to make things run more smoothly.

Adding ‘-allow_third_party_software’ to the launch commands for the CS:GO client in Steam should prevent any issues while having other programs on. Apparently, several performance issues including ones that caused crashes for some users were recently fixed. Players should struggle a lot less with Trusted Mode now, and streamers can use OBS without having issues.

Expanding horizons

On a more positive note, some fresh content has been added to the map pool – two community maps have been added to the official map rotation – Mutiny and Swamp. Both are gorgeous, well-designed and offer a lot of potential plays. Mutiny especially is quite big and focuses on controlling both sides of the map instead of one central point, making it somewhat unique.

There is plenty of interesting things to use in gameplay – among others, boxes that can be used for boosting and a door on a bombsite so thin it deliberately allows wallbangs. Watch out when planting at B!

Swamp on the other hand is a fast, open map that allows for players to cross incredibly quickly. If you are looking for an action-packed match with quick rounds, this might just be your new favourite map – even if it is a little CT sided.

Some bugs were instantly reported on the CS:GO Reddit, including hitbox issues and certain skins being bugged out. Additionally, players complained that FPS drops are common on both maps.

Youtuber ChrisBeBallin made a nice walkthrough for those that want to have a peek at the map.

Other changes

In addition to the two big changes with CS:GO Trusted mode and the two new maps, the devs have made some additional tweaks too – they changed how some of the grenade damage is calculated and applied a number of caching fixes; in other words, behind the scenes updates that are supposed to create a more varied and fun experience for everyone.

If you’re a fan of decoy grenades, you should be pleased – they no longer damage teammates, unless you apply a specific console command in a private game. Additionally, the Steam devs also fixed up some texture issues on workshop content, both for CS:GO workshop workbench content and for Danger Zone maps.

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