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June 8, 2023

How To Convert CS:GO to Apex Legends Sensitivity

Although CS:GO and Apex Legends are both totally different flavors of shooter, they attract a similar type of player. This means that plenty of gamers who play one on a…
June 7, 2023

CS:GO Major Winners: All Major winners and their path to glory

Through the ages, the most prestigious Counter-Strike tournaments of all time have been the CS:GO Majors. COVID temporarily put a halt on the Majors, with ESL One: Rio 2020 the…
June 6, 2023

BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 Preview | Easy For Vitality?

Hot on the heels of IEM Dallas 2023, the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 is finally here. Teams have flown from Dallas to Washington for the latest event, where they’ll…
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June 6, 2023

CS:GO vs Valorant Player Count: How close is Valorant to CS:GO?

Valorant has been a pretty big success in esports since it launched. The game takes some aspects of hero shooters, but its core gameplay is very recognizably tied to CS:GO.…
June 6, 2023

Best CS:GO Players In The World | 2023 Edition

2023 promises to be a bittersweet year for CS:GO, as we say goodbye to the classic game with CS2 just around the corner. This has meant that the CS:GO professional…
June 5, 2023

BLAST Premier CS:GO World Leaderboard | What Is It?

BLAST Premier CS:GO tournaments are some of the most prestigious in the game. The organization is relatively new to the game compared to some of the established names, but it…
June 5, 2023

ENCE CS:GO Conquer MOUZ in IEM Dallas 2023 Grand Final

ENCE claimed their first big tournament win in four years yesterday, defeating MOUZ in the IEM Dallas 2023 Grand Final. It was an exorcism of demons for ENCE, who had…
June 4, 2023

IEM Dallas 2023 Grand Final Preview | An ENCE & MOUZ Surprise

The IEM Dallas 2023 Grand Final is finally upon us, after a week of non-stop CS:GO. We’ve had upsets galore, and it’s only right that ENCE and MOUZ get to…
June 2, 2023

ESL Impact CS:GO tournament returns to IEM Dallas 2023

The ESL Impact CS:GO tournament returns this week, with the League Season 3 Finals taking place at DreamHack Dallas 2023 alongside IEM Dallas 2023. It’s another big step forward for…
May 31, 2023

Astralis and ENCE CS:GO Teams Qualify For IEM Dallas 2023 Playoffs

Both the Astralis and ENCE CS:GO teams made short work of IEM Dallas 2023 Group B, qualifying for the Playoffs with ease. In a group featuring the likes of FaZe,…
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