5 Underdogs To Look Out for In 2018

Watching top tier teams get dominated by your favorite underdog team in CS:GO can be exhilarating. These kind of matches show that even the top players have to keep their A game on to keep their position at the top.

In this article, we take a look at 5 underdog teams to look out for in 2018. These teams have repeatedly shown that they have what it takes to go up against the top teams in the world.


underdogs to look out for AGO

As a team that started the year just under the top 200 position on the HLTV CS:GO ranking, they have come a long way since. Right now, AGO has a #21 position and they have the potential to keep climbing.

You may not have heard of them, but AGO is a Polish team that has had some incredible victories this year. Here’s a quick recap of their recent success:

AGO 16-8’d Fnatic on Train

AGO 2-0’d Virtus Pro in WESG 2017 Poland

AGO 2-1’d Virtus Pro in ESEA MDL Season 26 Europe

AGO 16-4’d Gambit on Train


renegades 2017 look out for

Renegades are the upset masters. They are the guys you look to for the kinds of upsets that break the internet.

In the past, the Renegades have not only beat higher leveled teams, but they’ve 16-0’d them. Renegades 16-0’d SK back in September, 2016, and they’ve had some fairly decent wins against teams like OpTic, CLoud9, Luminosity, Virtus Pro, and Hellraisers.


Cloud9 has done incredibly well this year, but most EU teams still give them little to no respect. They absolutely destroy the NA scene, but in recent months they’ve had some success against teams top teams like SK and FaZe.

We think that Cloud9 is the kind of team that always has the potential to not only upset a match, but upset an entire tournament.

Vega Squadron

Vega Squadron is a CIS team that managed to get so many upsets in 2017 that they’re now attending the ELEAGUE 2018 Main qualifier event. If they managed to Na’Vi and NIP in the past, they have the potential to do it again at ELEAGUE next month.

vega squadron csgo

During the qualifier, Vega Squadron will have the chance to go up against teams like G2, FlipSid3, Liquid, Misfits, and Mousesports.

They might not make it through the qualifier, but they still have a chance to cause some wounds to the teams that do.

Space Soldiers

space soldiers csgo

With their success this year, nobody really doubts the current Space Soldiers lineup. With that being said, there’s still some doubt as to whether they have what it takes to go up against the top teams in the ELEAGUE Major.

With recent wins against EnVyUs, Fnatic, and Virtus Pro, Vega Squadron has shown that whilst they may not be able to go up against giants like FaZe and SK, they can still put up a fight against slightly less skilled teams.


What are your thoughts on these five teams? Are there any teams here that stand out to you as the current upset kings?