Astralis seeking redemption at the Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019

With only two Premier tier events remaining in the 2019 calendar, all teams are looking to end the year on a high note before heading to the winter break. The Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019 is the last big esports event of the season for three of the four attending teams. Liquid, FaZe and NiP seek a strong finish to the year after all three of them have had abysmal performances at the ECS and ESL finals this past few weeks.

Astralis on the other hand seek to rebound and return to form after being painfully bested at the ESL Pro League Finals last weekend. The team hoped they would come away with the ESL title and set themselves up for the Intel Grand Slam S3. Their dreams however, were shattered by a fledgling mousesports squad and a very motivated Finn “karrigan” Andersen.


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Setting the stage

Bahrain and the ISA Sports City in Riffa are the hosts of this years $500,000 final. After six esports tournament stops over the 2019 season, it’s teams FaZe (30), Liquid (28), Astralis (26) and NiP (24) that earned enough points and invites to the Global Final. The remaining three: NaVi (12), Cloud9 (6) and mibr (12) failed to earn the points required to make it all the way to the final event.

Based on their rankings the first round match-ups are already set.

Faze Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas
Astralis vs. Liquid

The teams will kick off the event on the 12th of December in two BO3 match-ups leading into an elimination bracket. At the end of the line, one team will walk out with $350,000 in prize money and the title of Blast Pro Series 2019 Champion.

Blast Pro Series Global Final Predictions

This wouldn’t be a proper Blast Pro Series coverage article if we didn’t set up our predictions. In order to mix things up a little, we are going to attempt predicting the entire bracket from start to finish with correct map scores included.

First up, the openers.

Astralis and Liquid are likely adding another 3 maps to the 23 they played in 2019 alone. 14 out 23 went down to Astralis this year including the ECS Season 8 Finals just ten days ago. Taking into consideration the current form of both teams, a victory for Astralis (2-1) is the likely outcome. Between FaZe and NiP we have an even clearer distinction. The last time the Ninjas bested FaZe was way back in March. The teams last met a month ago at the Blast Copenhagen Final with FaZe winning all three maps in succession. The outcome at the Global Final is a likely 2-0 for FaZe Clan.

R1: Astralis vs Liquid (2:1)
R1: FaZe vs NiP (2:0)

This would mean our Phase two match-ups would be Astralis vs FaZe & NiP vs Liquid. Our quick predict gives this to Astralis (2-1) in the Winner Bracket and Liquid (2-0) in the Loser Bracket resulting in NiP eliminated from the event in 4th place and Astralis advancing to the Finals.

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R2: Astralis vs FaZe (2:1)
R2: Liquid vs NiP (2:0)

The Loser Final between FaZe Clan and Team Liquid is the hardest match to predict from this whole prediction rundown. Both teams have their ups and downs in their H2H making a prediction hard to execute. But, taking into account recent trends we give this one to Team Liquid (2-1), resulting in yet another Astralis versus Liquid final.

R3: Liquid vs FaZe (2:1)

The final should go down in similar fashion as the opener. Astralis beats Liquid and claims the Blast Pro Series 2019 Trophy.

Final: Astralis vs Liquid

If you reached this point, you now know the outright pick and each individual match-up at this event. Use our predictions wisely.

The Blast Pro Series Global Final kicks off at 13:00 CET Thursday, 12th December at

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