All CSGO Ranks – Average Rank Distribution in 2023

Lots of players want to know where they rank in all CS:GO ranks, with the ranking system an integral part of the game.

We’re going to show you the average CS:GO ranks, and how they’re distributed among the player population in 2023. This only covers 5v5 ranks, as data on CS:GO Wingman ranks is scarce.

all CS:GO ranks

Image source: Researchgate


Silver can be frustrating, especially in solo queue. You’re at the mercy of the matchmaking system, which at Silver can result in some truly terrible teammates. It won’t always be their fault, with most new players remaining in Silver for a while before graduating. Silver ranks are:

  • Silver 1 (4.2%)
  • Silver 2 (4.28%
  • Silver 3 (4.38%)
  • Silver 4 (5.29%)
  • Silver Elite (6.57%)
  • Silver Elite Master (7.74%)

This means that Silver players rank within the bottom 32% of CS:GO players. If you’re here, don’t fret. Due to the skill level at Silver, players can easily shoot through the ranks with a small amount of improvement.

Gold Nova

In CS:GO average rank is usually agreed to be around Gold Nova. It can be the most difficult rank to escape, as it’s often where smurfs reside. A smurf is a player of higher skill, that purposefully de-ranks themselves in order to easily stomp on worse players. It often results in extremely toxic games, and it’s Gold Nova players that usually have to suffer. The distribution of Gold Nova ranks is:

  • Gold Nova 1 (8.64%)
  • Gold Nova 2 (8.8%)
  • Gold Nova 3 (8.89%)
  • Gold Nova Master (8.125%)

The main takeaway is that of all CS:GO ranks, Gold Nova 3 is the absolute average level. Gold Nova is where you should start building your knowledge of utility, as it’ll make a huge difference to your game. You might not even realize the benefits, but you’ll start winning more.

Master Guardian

The Master Guardian ranks are where CS:GO players truly begin to get good. Utility becomes essential to any victory, and players really begin to take scalps in the blink of an eye. The nitty-gritty of CS:GO becomes crucial, and it can be a challenging step up. We’re well into the above-average CS:GO ranks here, and they’re distributed as follows:

  • Master Guardian 1 (7.47%)
  • Master Guardian 2 (6.455%)
  • Master Guardian Elite (5.245%)
  • Distinguished Master Guardian (4.11%)

Over the four ranks, Master Guardian probably has the game’s biggest skill curve. The difference between a player who is barely too good for Gold Nova, and a player in touching distance of Legendary Eagle is enormous and probably will take most players hundreds of hours to push through. In some cases, this gap is worth thousands of hours of play.


Players in these ranks, from Legendary Eagle to Global Elite, are the best of the best. These CS:GO ranks are the promised land, which every player should strive for.

  • Legendary Eagle (3.205%)
  • Legendary Eagle Master (3.195%)
  • Supreme Master First Class (2.625%)
  • Global Elite (0.765%)

If you’re among these ranks, well done – you’re in the top 9% of CS:GO players. It’s no small feat, with CS:GO having millions of players worldwide each month. If you’ve conquered Global Elite, you may even consider moving to FACEIT, where you can get noticed by the pro teams.