cs_summit 4 | The summit before the storm

Before the mayhem lands at Dreamhack Masters Dallas next week, five of six Dallas participants will measure their strength on the 4th iteration of the cs_summit in Los Angeles.

Teams Liquid, NRG, Vitality, ENCE, Renegades and Ghost will play a grueling double round robin system in the next 3 days after which the top 4 teams will head to the semifinals. With $150,000 on the line and a chance to squeeze in some important prep before the Dallas Masters every team is looking to go deep into the tournament.



The most anticipated matchup at the event comes tomorrow as global #2 and #3 seeds Team Liquid and ENCE meet for a best-of-two round. The squads have not met since BLAST Pro Series São Paulo 2019 where the match ended in a draw. If we look further back last time the teams met was over two months ago at IEM Katowice where ENCE barely edged over Liquid.

We can safely assume even teams attending at DH Dallas next week will be taking notes as this matchup unfolds.

Next up we have Vitality who are coming to LA on a 10-win hot streak. They have won all 10 previous encounters and only dropped 1 map to Heroic in a best-of-three at the ESL Cologne qualifier. They are also looking to spice things up a bit.

The next 3 teams participating hope to possibly contest the event if things go their way or at least get some practice before the Dallas Masters. Both Renegades and NRG had a dip in performance as of late and are tanking in the global standings. Maybe this event will be a return to form for one of them but its doubtful given the level of competition.

Finally, we have team Ghost who are also being the lowest seed at the tournament. They didn’t manage to show much at Dreamhack Tours and have been barely scraping by at ESL Pro League. For them any win is an achievement in itself.

With the lineup of teams behind us, our call is Team Liquid winning the event and finally sticking it to ENCE with some home court advantage help. Hard4ENCE this time.

The matches kick off today at 18:00 CEST at Twitch.tv/BTScsgo .