CS:GO Deagle – The Best Strats and Skins

The Deagle is one of the deadliest weapons in all of CS:GO in the right hands. A one-man hand cannon, the CS:GO Deagle remains extremely popular, especially at higher ranks where accuracy isn’t an issue.

All of the best CS:GO players have the Deagle as a key part of their arsenal. The one-hit headshot potential means that an accurate player can completely wipe out an enemy team in a single clip, and it’s always one of the most satisfying moments that CS:GO has to offer. The weapon has been the source of many of CS:GO’s greatest professional clips of all time, with HappyV’s Deagle ace at Dreamhack Open London 2015 against an all-star TSM roster being perhaps the most legendary Deagle clip ever.

CS:GO Deagle Skins

Image Credit: LiMit on YouTube

How To Use The Deagle

Despite its strength, we wouldn’t recommend the Deagle during pistol rounds. Especially if you’re newer and are looking to get better at CS:GO, armor is a much more worthy investment and is more likely to be the difference between winning and losing.

Costing $800, the CS:GO Deagle is the perfect tool for winning eco rounds. If your opponents have rifles, your best chance lies with hoping you land some crazy headshots with the Deagle. Even on fully armored enemies, the Deagle is a one-hit kill to the head at medium range, so just make sure you’re aiming as high as you can when using it. Take your time, too. The Deagle takes a moment to reset its aim. If you spam bullets, it becomes one of the most inaccurate weapons in the game, and all you’ll achieve is get yourself killed.

The Deagle is more effective when used on the T side. You can attack a site and kill the enemy team before they even know what’s happened. Defensively, the wait between shots can make the difference between life and death, especially when Terrorists are rushing the site, so we’d recommend sticking with alternatives while on the CT side.

CS:GO Deagle Skins

In CS:GO, Deagle skins aren’t as expensive as you might expect. As an iconic weapon of CS:GO, you could be forgiven for thinking CS:GO Deagle skins sell for tens of thousands. That really isn’t the case.

The most popular Deagle Skins CS:GO has to offer are often the most affordable. There are a few that are a great mix of unique and economical. The Desert Eagle Ocean Drive is the perfect example, with the skin purchasable for around $15 at the lowest quality. At Minimal Wear, it starts to get pricey, but the skin is vibrant enough that it still looks great at lower qualities.

CS:GO Deagle Skins

Image Credit: XiouzT on Twitter

In CS:GO free skins are rare, and you won’t find many for the Deagle. You’re more likely to come across the most expensive Deagle skin in CS:GO. That honor belongs to the Desert Eagle Blaze, which is usually around $1,000 on the Steam Marketplace. The skin doesn’t exist beyond Minimal Wear, so buying it is going to cost big bucks.

Image Credit: roflm0nster on Twitter