“Tours de DreamHack”, the second stop of the DreamHack Open Circuit

Almost one month after DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro, a new batch of teams battles for $100,000 in prize money as Tours, France hosts the second stop of the DreamHack Open circuit.


© DreamHack

Eight teams managed to either get direct invites or plow through a qualifier gauntlet to book their entry at the event. The teams are divided in two groups of four with household names Mousesports (A) and G2 (B) as the top seeds in their respective groups. Group A features no strangers to the DH Open circuit as Rio semifinalists Valiance are joined by Windigo, a team they faced in final at the DreamHack Open qualifier. The final team in Group A is Instinct Gaming, a mix team consisted of former LDLC players that arrives through the French qualifier. After winning the qualifier event the squad had problems securing financial support for attending DreamHack Open. Luckily, hardware seller Instinct Gaming came to the rescue and pledged their support.

In Group B, we have G2 square off against Rio winners AVANGAR, the former 3Dmax squad now named FrenchFrogs, and North American representatives Ghost Gaming. Apart from Ghost who hasn’t matched up against the EU squads lately, all the other squads in Group B are pretty much tied-up in the head-to-head scores as of late. This ensures a fairly competitive Group B in which map selection is key.

With the GSL format in force, day one opens with the following four matchups:

  • Mousesports vs Instinct
  • G2 vs FrenchFrogs
  • Windigo vs Valiance
  • AVANGAR vs Ghost

The winners will advance to the upper bracket while the losers will play in the elimination bracket. We have bolded out the predicted winners of round one in the list above.

To ensure a good show the “standard” talent lineup will be present in Tours. Frankie Ward heads up the show as host, Bleh and Potter as analysts and legend Vince “Metuz” Hill will head up the commentary.

Games kick off Friday, May 17th at 11am CEST at Twitch.tv/dreamhackcsgo

My money is on Mousesports.