DreamHack Open Winter: Tournament favourites for your CSGO bets

DreamHack Open Winter is just around the corner; here’s everything you need to know!

Find the best CSGO odds, tournament schedule, format and top prediction for your CSGO bets, so stick around and do not miss out.


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DreamHack Open Winter 2019 – A Quick Preview

  • A total of 8 teams will fight for a trophy here in Sweden
  • They will battle it out in front of the sold-out Elmia Convention Center venue
  • Prize pool of $100,000 has been put in place
  • The tournament will start on November 29th
  • Grand final will be played on December 1st
  • Two double-elimination GSL groups have been put in place
  • Every group consists out of 4 teams
  • Opening and winners’ matches are played in the best of 1 format
  • Elimination and decider matches will be played in the best of 3 format
  • Keep in mind that the best two teams from each group will advance through to the playoffs
  • Both GG.bet and BUFF.bet are the best betting sites when it comes to betting on DreamHack Open Winter CSGO tournament
  • When it comes to playoffs, single-elimination bracket has been put in place
  • All of the matches in the playoffs(including the grand final) will be played in the best of 3 format
  • At the time of writing, Heroic is the biggest favorite to win DreamHack Open Winter with the odds of 3.75
  • You can watch DreamHack Open Winter CSGO tournament right here

DreamHack Open Winter Prediction

A total of 4 matches will be played on the opening day here in Sweden. Below you can find my predictions for each of these matches.

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FURIA vs Marskalk

Truth be told, this should be a super easy match for the Brazilian CSGO roster, FURIA. The only reason why Marskalk is playing in this event is because of Swedish Qualifier. If you take a closer look at their roster, you will easily find out that all of these players are literally no namers.



On the other hand, you have a solid top 10 team that is eager to win this DreamHack tournament. So, when it comes to CSGO betting, math is really simple. Betting on FURIA to win this match holds literally no value, hence why a handicap bet will do the trick for us. All in all, a huge skill gap on which FURIA will capitalize on.

Prediction: Round Handicap, FURIA(-7.5)
Odds: 1.7
Betting Site: GG.bet

Heroic vs SJ

In my opinion, this will be an easy match for Heroic. Danes are coming off from a very successful event for themselves where they bested the competition and lifted the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 trophy.

I believe that they will be fired up for this one as they will look to increase their streak. On the other hand, SJ is sitting on 4 straight defeats and it seems like they are in a slump right now. This match will probably end up on either Nuke or Dust 2 and both maps heavily favor Heroic in this.

However, we do need to keep in mind that SJ have one of the best young talents on their roster, a Finnish wonderkid named Jamppi. Trust me when I say it, this youngster has a very bright future in front of himself.

So what would be a smart bet in this one? I believe that Heroic should cover a small handicap bet without any problems at all.

Prediction: Round Handicap, Heroic(-3.5)
Odds: 1.45
Betting Site: BUFF.bet

forZe vs Tricked

From my personal experience, forZe are a very dangerous team. Led by xsepower, they are definitely capable of defeating teams like Tricked. It is also important to mention that these two teams played 7 times against each other and forZe grabbed all 7 victories. On top of that, only three maps were competitive while forZe blew away Tricked in most of their head to head matches.

I believe that this information holds an enormous value, especially if we see the maps these two teams played. In most scenarios, they either competed on Inferno. Furthermore, Train and Dust 2 were also one-way streets in favor of forZe.


© forZe

To summarize. At the moment, forZe are a small underdog in this DreamHack Open Winter match. From what I was able to find out, BUFF.bet is offering the highest odds for this prediction and betting on forZe is definitely a smart thing to do.

Prediction: forZe to win
Odds: 2.18
Betting Site: BUFF.bet


This match will be a blast in my opinion. Both teams are looking solid right now and they are one of the contenders to go all the way and win DreamHack Open Winter CSGO tournament.


© Cr4zy

However, I am leaning heavily towards one team. I believe that GODSENT have what it takes to defeat CR4ZY in this one. Map pool is definitely favoring GODSENT in this one and if they can get this match on either Train or Nuke, they should be in for an easy match.

Prediction: GODSENT to win
Odds: 1.72
Betting Site: GG.bet

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