North pull out shocking DreamHack Stockholm Finals win against Astralis

If there has ever been a best time to get interested in competitive Counter Strike, now would be it.

The skill gap between the top teams has never been closer and the potential for every single team in an event to pull out a miraculous run to first place has never been more possible. This time around, we saw North go against all odds and come out on top in every single match up. Eventually, it ended with North taking the grand final win against Astralis. Here’s how it went down.


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North’s journey to their DreamHack Masters win in Stockholm

It all started with the group stage. North went 2-0 in their group, first defeating TyLoo in a best of one and then winning against Astralis 2-1 in their group’s winner’s match. It surprised everybody at the time, but little did we know this wasn’t going to be the only win North would have against Astralis in this tournament.

After qualifying for the playoffs, North pulled out a quick 2-0 victory against NaVi. Admittedly, NaVi didn’t look as strong as they have in previous events. Despite that, a 2-0 win against one of the strongest lineups in the world is a very impressive feat to see from North.

Up next, North had an even greater challenge – a best of three against Mousesports. It was clear at this point that many people believed North would be sent home. Mousesports were on fire during this event. Mousesports opened the series with a 16-0 against North on Dust 2. Yes, a 16-0. Mousesports should have had it in the bag. Miraculously, North pulled through with one of the biggest comebacks in history. They won 16-14 on Inferno and 16-12 on Mirage. Two neck and neck games that was equally as inspiring for North as it was heartbreaking for Mousesports.

North had just one more hurdle to climb – their grand final game against Astralis. North were even more motivated from the get go. In an absolutely absurd turn of events, North and Astralis faced off on Dust 2, but this time North won 16-1 against Astralis.

This was almost a complete reversal for what happened in the semifinal prior to this. Astralis then flipped the table with a quick 16-6 win against North on Train. Finally, we had the last map, Overpass.

Astralis won the first half with a 9-6 lead. In the second half, North pulled through. North took 10 of the 12 remaining rounds, leaving North with a 16-11 scoreline and $100,000 in their pockets.

DreamHack Masters Stockholm was, without a doubt, one of the best tournaments I have watched so far this year. I’m sure all teams are going to want to prove themselves for the next biggest event, the FACEIT Major in London later this month.

I absolutely cannot wait to see how that one turns out. I have a feeling FACEIT London will one up DreamHack Masters Stockholm in every way. More neck and neck matchups, more shocking underdog wins, and more exciting round-by-round action.