ELEAGUE Boston Major – 4 Challenger Teams To Watch Out For

CS:GO Majors are always a great opportunity to watch high level Counter Strike. There’s no doubt that the games between the best teams in the world can be some of the most gripping matches in CS:GO history, but we’re also fans of the matches that see underdogs pull out a miraculous win.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top 4 challenger teams to watch out for during the upcoming ELEAGUE Boston Major. Now, we’re not saying these four teams will upset their competition, but there’s a good chance they’ll put up a good fight.

Space Soldiers

The Space Soldiers organization has been around for years. It hasn’t been until recently though that a team under the organization has had such success in CS:GO.

Starting as a relatively unknown lineup in 2016, the Space Soldiers team have had a long 2-year journey that has ended with them being considered amongst the top 20 teams in the world and with a spot in the Boston Major.

space soldiers boston

Space Soldiers managed to get a spot in the Major by fighting it out in the European Minor against teams like Godsent, OpTic, and EnVyUs. Space Soldiers only needed to come second in the event to qualify for the major, but they kept dominating throughout the event and even pulled a 2-0 victory against EnVyUs during the Minor Grand Final.

Space Soldiers were on a roll during that event, with only a single loss in the group stage and three 2-0’s in the qualifying stage.

If Space Soldiers go into the Boston Major with the same fiery spirit they had in the Minor, they could easily make their way into the Boston Champions Stage.


envyus challenger teams esports

The French Counter Strike scene has some of the best players in the world, but after constant reshuffles, it’s often hard for either team, EnVyUs, or G2, to perform well for very long against other teams in international events.

G2 is doing well currently, but we still have some hope for EnVyUs too. With players like ScreaM, Happy, and Rpk, there’s no shortage of talent.


cloud9 eleague csgo

If there were to be any shock win during the grand finals, we’d want it to be Cloud9. The North American team’s performance in 2017 was incredible, and we really want to see an NA team hit the top 1 spot in Counter Strike.

It’d be really exciting if Cloud9 were able to not only take the Major in Boston, but also maintain the number one spot in Counter Strike throughout 2018. With SK being located in America, it’d be a great opportunity for Cloud9 to be their new rival.


faze-csgo-challengerIt’s weird to think that FaZe are Challengers and not Legends in this Major, but they didn’t quite reach the level of success they’re at now until after the last Major. We really want to see FaZe pull out all of their cards and get a grand final win against SK after losing to them at the end of 2017.


There are lots of opportunities for some great matchups in the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Here’s to hoping that some of the teams on this list go further than may otherwise be expected.