ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage Recap – Who Won, Who Lost?

Last weekend, the ELEAGUE Boston Major Challenger Stage exploded into action and we now know who will be moving over to the Legends Stage.

But which teams performed well in the Challenger Stage and which teams were left in the dust?
Join us as we recap the event to take note of some of the most exciting matches, the surprising top performers, and the letdown teams that didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

Vega Squadron Surprised All

We all know Vega Squadron have been on the come-up for some time now, but their performance during the Major Challenger Stage surprised us all.

vega squadron eleague boston major eleague csgo team

Not only did Vega Squadron qualify for the Legends stage, but they only lost 1 match and that was to G2, the second best-performing team in the entire event so far.

Vega Squadron also 16-6’d FaZe on Inferno, much to the surprise of everybody.

FaZe Were Inconsistent

We just couldn’t quite understand what happened with FaZe during the Challenger stage. They had a bag of mixed results throughout the event. In the first round, they had a close 16-14 win against Liquid, then they lost to Vega Squadron. They then had an easy game against Quantum Bellator Fire, then dominated Na’Vi.

faze eleague boston major csgo team

Did FaZe throw their first two games? Did they plan ahead of time to fall into the lower tier teams, or it was due to a shaky performance?

What’s interesting to note is that FaZe’s loss to Vega and close win against Team Liquid helped both teams to qualify for the major. Props to FaZe if they did plan out their matches like this. We’d be less surprised if this was the case, as opposed to them losing out to Vega and almost losing to Team Liquid.

G2 and Cloud9 Are On Fire

Both G2 and Cloud9 absolutely dominated every last game they had against their opponents. This may have been due to the fact that both teams had relatively easy competition to go up against. There’s no denying that there was some incredible CS from both teams, especially Cloud9.

cloud9 boston major csgo team

We can’t wait to see how both teams perform against each other during the Legends stage.

A Good Mix Of Skill

Counter Strike is finally branching out to offer more opportunity for the newer teams. We were really happy to see Space Soldiers, Quantum Bellator Fire, and Vega Squadron qualify for the Legends stage.

quantum bellator fire eleague boston major eleague

These three teams have now fixed their position in top-level Counter Strike for at least the first half of 2018 with their results during this tournament. What’s even greater is that these teams didn’t just qualify, they fought hard for their positions. You can see more details about how they scored below.

The Final Results

If you want a quick recap of the stats, qualifying teams, and dropout teams, take a peek at the info provided below.

Qualified for next stage:

  • 1-2. Cloud9: 3-0
  • 1-2. G2: 3-0
  • 3-5. FaZe: 3-1
  • 3-5. Vega: 3-1
  • 3-5. Space Soldiers: 3-1
  • 6-8. mousesports: 3-2
  • 6-8. Na’Vi: 3-2
  • 6-8. Quantum Bellator Fire: 3-2

Qualified due to 100 Thieves dropping out

  • Team Liquid: 2-3

Dropped Out:

  • 10-11. Renegades: 2-3
  • 10-11. AVANGAR: 2-3
  • 12-14. Misfits: 1-3
  • 12-14. EnVyUs: 1-3
  • 12-14. Sprout: 1-3
  • 12-16. Flash Gaming: 0-3
  • 12-16. FlipSid3: 0-3