Announces $10,000 Invitational Tournament

To celebrate their launch,, a new online betting platform for esports bets, has unveiled a brand new $10,000 tournament for eight invited teams to participate in. The tournament is being organized by The tournament officially started on April 17th and games will play out over the next two weeks.

Learn more about the upcoming event and which teams are taking place below.

Invited Teams For Launch Invitational

The Launch Invitational is an invite only event with a total of eight participating teams. Below, the participating teams are shown.

  • LDLC
  • Quantum Bellator Fire
  • Spiri
  • Fragsters
  • eXtatus
  • fnatic Academy

With these teams not having as many opportunities as many top tier teams have, this event will be a great opportunity for rising talent to showcase their potential. The group stage has already started, and we’re already seeing some interesting match ups. More matches are planned throughout this week for the group stage. Launch Invitational Schedule & Predictions

The group stage will continue throughout this week. Below is a schedule of the matches planned for the group stage.

Tuesday April 24th:

  • ALTERNATE vs Singularity
  • Singularity vs Quantum Bellator Fire

Thursday April 26th:

  • fnatic Academy vs eXtatus
  • AVANGAR vs fnatic Academy
  • eXtatus vs EURONICS


At the end of this week, the seeding for the playoffs will be determined based on the results of the group stage. Because the tournament only has 8 teams, all teams will have another chance to fight it out in the playoffs, starting with the quarterfinals on May 1.

Throughout the first week of May, we’ll see more games for the Launch Invitational, and then on May 6, we’ll get to watch the Grand Final play out.

All of the playoff games will be best of three, so whilst it’ll be hard to predict the exact outcome of the quarterfinals and semifinals, it’s clear that out of all of the competition in this tournament, the only team to truly stand out is Quantum Bellator Fire. If Quantum Bellator Fire can get out of the quarterfinals without a scratch, we have a strong feeling they will be able to push it straight to the finish line during this event.

QBF stands to be one of the few lineups right now that’s able to make it into large events such as the ELEAGUE Boston Major. AVANGAR has had similar results, but they haven’t quite stuck out in recent performances like Quantum Bellator Fire has. QBF may not have had much chance against the top tier teams, but they can certainly throw their weight around in an event like this. With $6,000 on the line for first place, QBF is undoubtedly going to play extra careful during the playoffs to secure themselves a win.

It isn’t game over for the teams that don’t manage to make it first, however. Another $3,000 is up for grabs for second place, and third and fourth place teams will both get $500 each. It’s not just about the prize money, either. Any team that performs well in this event is sure to get the chance to receive invites for similar events in the future as more promotional tournaments of this size and scale are pushed out.