FACEIT Asia Minor Championship recap

The FACEIT Asia Minor championship has now come to an end. We can now look back and see which teams have won and who came out on top.

At the end of the article, we will also share some details on how the team lineup is looking for the FACEIT Major championship happening in September.

FACEIT Asia Minor Championship winners and losers

The FACEIT Asia Minor championship went pretty much as expected. There weren’t really any upsets throughout the event and the teams that came out on top essentially did come out on top. It started with the top three teams making it to the semi-finals – Renegades, TyLoo, and Tainted Minds, alongside SCARZ Absolute.


In the playoffs, Tainted Minds took their win against SCARZ, which was no surprise. TyLoo and Renegades had a matchup in the semifinals and TyLoo came out ahead 2-1. After that TyLoo won in the upper bracket final against Tainted Minds, whilst Renegades fell to the lower bracket.

Renegades then won against SCARZ and Tainted Minds to make their way into the grand final against TyLoo for their second matchup. Renegades managed to win 2-0 against TyLoo in two fairly relaxed games. Everything went as expected throughout the event and TyLoo and Renegades will once again make their way to the Major after qualifying through the Minor.

There weren’t really any major stories to tell in this Minor event, although SCARZ Absolute did impress us with their performance. Not only did SCARZ take two wins and zero losses in the group stages, but they also managed to pull one map off of Renegades before losing in the lower bracket. They performed very well despite people knowing very little about them, so we’re excited to see what SCARZ does next.

The FACEIT Major Championship team lineup so far

So far, there is just one Minor tournament left – the European one. Once that one is over, we’ll have the full lineup for the FACEIT Major championship.

For now, though, we do still have information on 22 of the 24 participating teams. Below, we’ve taken a look at each team and how they got there.


Legends Teams (Made it to the final stage last Major event)

  • Cloud9
  • FaZe
  • NaVi
  • MIBR
  • mousesports
  • Winstrike
  • G2 Esports
  • Fnatic

New Challengers (Teams that qualified from last Major’s minor tournaments)

  • Gambit
  • Vega Squadron
  • Space Soldiers
  • BIG
  • Astralis
  • Team Liquid
  • North
  • Virtus.Pro

Minor Winners

  • compLexity (America)
  • Rogue (America)
  • HellRaisers (CIS)
  • Team Spirit (CIS)
  • TyLoo (Asia)
  • Renegades (Asia)
  • TBA (EU)
  • TBA (EU)

Ultimately, the majority of teams here are well-known names. There are a few unexpected teams in the Major. For example, Winstrike is in the Legends spot after a surprising performance from last Major.

We also have Vega Squadron and Space Soldiers in the New Challengers bracket thanks to their great performance in the past Minor and Major. Then, we have a number of teams we weren’t expecting in the Minor. This includes Team Spirit and compLexity.

What are your thoughts on the current team roster? Which team do you think has the highest chance to win? Which underdog teams do you think has a chance to upset the tier one teams?